Taiyuan traffic police gave ultimatum to zombie car in the area www.yofoto.cn

Taiyuan traffic police to the area of "zombies" under the "ultimatum" Taiyuan evening news (reporter Meng Huiwen photo) yesterday, the city traffic police detachment two brigade to Jiancaoping area an unlicensed "zombie" with "illegal parking notice", the vehicle owners will be removed within 3 days. It is understood that if the owners ignore, the traffic police will be forced off according to law. In September 20th, Ms. Song people call our hotline said: Jiancaoping street and Bei San Xiang, Jiancaoping intersection, a car without a license for the blue van parked on the sidewalk. Because of the long time does not move, the body below a large accumulation of garbage, has become "the corner of health, shelter evil people and countenance evil practices" to the disposal of the relevant departments. The reporter then arrived at the scene, saw the car without a license truck rusting, dry tire cushion stone, and the window body posted a small ad, van manger is also provided with a simple container, the container with a substantial advertising paper training school. For a long time not to "break" the body, the accumulation of a large number of rotten wood, and plastic bags and other garbage rags. Subsequently, the reporter to reflect the matter to the police department. Yesterday morning, reporters in the "zombie" on the window to see a "illegal parking this book": "no license plate of motor vehicle owner: you are in the place of illegal parking, in violation of the provisions of the" road traffic safety law "fifty-sixth, please today for 3 days to drag, otherwise I will brigade in accordance with the" road traffic safety law "forced drag." Inscribed to the city traffic police detachment two brigade jiancaoping. Nearby residents, this is a list of the traffic police had just posted, everybody is very supportive. (source: Mr. Song rebellion fee: 30 yuan)

太原交警给辖区内“僵尸车”下“最后通牒”   太原晚报讯 (记者孟辉文 摄)昨日,市交警支队尖草坪二大队给辖区一辆无牌“僵尸车”贴上《违法停车告知书》,限车主3日内将车辆移走。据了解,如果车主置之不理,交警将依法强制拖离。9月20日,市民宋女士致电本报热线称:尖草坪街与尖草坪北三巷交叉口,一辆无牌蓝色货车长期停在人行道上。由于长时间不挪动,车身下面堆积了大量垃圾,成了“藏污纳垢”的卫生死角,希望相关部门处置。   记者随后到场,看到这辆无牌货车锈迹斑斑,干瘪的轮胎下垫着石头,车窗及车身上张贴着小广告,货车的马槽上还安有一个简易集装箱,集装箱上贴着一家培训学校的大幅广告纸。由于长时间不“挪窝”,车身下堆积着大量烂木板、碎布头和塑料袋等垃圾。随后,记者向交警部门反映了此事。   昨日上午,记者在这辆“僵尸车”车窗上看到一张《违法停车告知书》:“无号牌车主:你的机动车在该地点违法停放,违反了《道路交通安全法》第五十六之规定,请于即日起3日内自行拖移,否则我大队将按照《道路交通安全法》进行强制拖移。”落款为市交警支队尖草坪二大队。附近居民介绍,这张单子是交警此前刚刚贴的,大伙儿非常支持。   (报料人:宋先生报料费:30元)相关的主题文章:

Tianjin won the best out of the ordinary Carillo fans cry play a role freelander2

Carillo: Tianjin fans the best title out of the ordinary cry because of Tianjin women’s volleyball team play the role of the Cuban Foreign Aid Nancy Carillo sina sports Tianjin women’s volleyball team [micro-blog] after a lapse of 3 years to win tenth league titles, Cuban Foreign Aid card Luo lastingachievements. Once before the season for coach Wang Baoquan very unhappy with her weight, after trying to recover, the final action reflects an occupation player should have literacy. Carillo to surprise the fans, but also to the China Volleyball Team of young players set a good example. This season, Tianjin Carillo to leave a deep impression. When it comes to the league this season, Cirillo admits: "I feel okay at the beginning, because our training is the same, but as time goes by, I feel more and more confident, good every day, getting better and better. It feels perfect now." For Jixian County closed training, Wang Baoquan said "you must have been so I will dismiss", talked about the Cirillo view: "I understand the coach (say), but I believe in myself, so when he and I say this, I think, ‘wow’ well I go to training. Yes, it might be a way of motivating me. The coach, I won’t (afraid), I love our coach, at the beginning, he would say "Nancy to me, no, but I do not" with every state is getting better, so it’s okay." For the first time to join Chinese women’s Volleyball League is a harvest of champions, Cirillo also very happy: "very hard, because we have no respite, no relaxation time, all the time to concentrate, to focus on all the things. But that’s not bad. A game starts as usual, I want to win, I want to do everything possible to win, I was crying because I think I played a role, I help my team, I think I do good, because we are the Champions." In the game, the Tianjin fans Carillo birthday, the scene left a deep impression to her, Cirillo said frankly: "Tianjin fans out of the ordinary, because I in other places to play, but I also love the fans, and the fans of Tianjin is not the same. In Tianjin, the fans’ card Luokaliluo ‘so call me, really not the same. For me, the fans in Tianjin are the best." This season, the harvest is not only the China Carillo League, also successfully lose weight, eat dumplings, but also learned a few simple words Chinese, "thank you, serve, block, refueling, perfect". Carrillo wanted to come back again, but he didn’t know if he could come back. I wish the lovely Cubans Carillo a better future! (Qiu Qiu)

卡里罗:天津球迷与众不同最棒 夺冠哭因发挥作用 天津女排古巴外援南希-卡里罗   新浪体育讯  天津女排[微博]时隔3年夺取第10个联赛冠军,古巴外援卡里罗功不可没。曾经在赛季前让主教练王宝泉非常不满的她,经过减肥努力恢复状态,最终用实际行动体现了一名职业球员应该具有的素养。卡里罗给天津球迷带来了惊喜,也给天津女排年轻的队员树立了很好的榜样。这个赛季,天津给卡里罗留下了深刻的印象。   谈到本赛季的联赛表现,卡里罗坦言:“刚开始时我就觉得还行,因为我们的训练是一样的,但随着时间推移,我越来越有信心,感觉每天都不错,状态越来越好。现在感觉非常完美。”   对于蓟县封闭训练,王宝泉曾说道的“你要一直是这样的状态我会解聘”,卡里罗谈到了当时的看法:“我理解教练(这样说),但是我相信我自己,所以当他和我说这句话时,我觉得‘哇’,好吧我去训练。是的,这也许是激励我的一种方式。对于主教练,我不会(怕)的,我喜欢我们的教练,一开始的时候,他会对我说‘南希,不不不这样不行’,但随着我每天状态越来越好,所以还好啦。”   首次加盟中国女排联赛就收获了一个冠军,卡里罗也非常开心:“非常艰辛,因为我们根本没有喘息机会,没有放松的时刻,一直都要精神集中,要关注所有的事情。不过这还不错。一开始比赛就如平常一样,我想要赢,我想要尽一切努力赢球,我哭是因为我觉得我起到了作用,我帮助到了我的球队,我觉得我自己做的不错,因为我们是冠军了。”   在赛场上,天津球迷为卡里罗过生日,这个场景给她留下了深刻的印象,卡里罗坦言:“天津球迷与众不同,因为我在别的地方打球时,球迷也喜欢我,但和天津队球迷不一样。在天津,球迷们‘卡里罗卡里罗’这样叫我,真的不一样。对我来说,天津的球迷是最棒的。”   这个赛季,卡里罗不仅收获了中国联赛冠军,还成功减肥,吃到了饺子,还学会了几个简单中文词语,“谢谢、发球、拦网、加油、完美”。卡里罗表现很想再回来,但目前也不知道能不能再回来。祝可爱的古巴人卡里罗未来更美好!(小邱)相关的主题文章:

The port manager responded to the signing of Rooney rumors that may come in the future txplatform

The port manager responded to rumors that it may be possible to sign Rooney to Hong Kong in the future: coach Rooney is great but I have aierkesen Conca Rooney uncertain sina sports news about Rooney may be more than hearsay, the former England manager, the Hong Kong Shanghai coach Erickson denied, he said, three guns at present. Hong Kong has been good enough, he did not sign the Rooney plan. Rooney at Manchester United relegated to the bench, there is news that the Reds may consider selling him, while the American League and super potential foothold. In this regard, Erickson said: "everyone knows how much I appreciate Rooney, but to sign him is another matter, what the current situation is not zero." British media: "we don’t want Erickson Rooney at the club didn’t even talk about this thing, of course, we discussed a lot of goals for next season." In my opinion, he should be playing as a striker, he is one of the best strikers I worked, but we have El Eriksson, hulk and Conca, they are our offensive player, very good." But Erickson said, the future, Rooney is likely to super. "He is still a very good player, very strong, I am sure, he might have come in the future, he is the kind of super chase players." (LEGION) hot news: Shanghai prosecutors on suspicion of bribery Dai Haibo, concealing offshore deposits prosecution case Shanghai vehicle inspection system was totally paralyzed owner: tomorrow is 200 +3 the people buy second-hand housing in the landlord had died by signing Wulong to replace Konkav and Hong Kong teammates Seder Shanghai top luxury exposure (Figure) He Jiong was anxious Shanghai hospital suspected by the metal insert leg (Figure) weather forecast: Shanghai Wednesday the temperature only 10 degrees to 7 degrees to cool the cliff next week

上港主帅回应签约鲁尼传闻 称未来其有可能来中超   上港主帅:鲁尼很棒 但我已有埃尔克森孔卡了 鲁尼前景不明   新浪体育讯  面对有关鲁尼可能来中超的传闻,前英格兰主帅、上海上港主教练埃里克森予以了否认,他说,目前上港的三杆洋枪已经足够出色了,他没有签鲁尼的计划。   鲁尼在曼联沦为替补,有消息称,红魔可能考虑出售他,而美国大联盟和中超是潜在的落脚点。对此,埃里克森说:“所有人都知道我是多么欣赏鲁尼,但去签他就是另外一回事了,目前什么情况都没有,零。” 英媒:埃里克森不想要鲁尼   “我们在俱乐部甚至没有谈论这件事,当然,我们对下赛季的目标讨论了很多。”   “在我看来,鲁尼就该打前锋,他是我合作过的最佳前锋之一,但我们已经拥有了埃尔克森、胡尔克和孔卡,他们是我们的攻击手,非常优秀。”   不过埃里克森称,未来,鲁尼是可能来中超的。“他依然是一个非常优秀的球员,很有实力,我确信,他未来是可能来中超的,他是那类中超会追逐的球员。”   (legion)   热点新闻:   上海检察机关对戴海波涉嫌受贿、隐瞒境外存款案提起公诉   上海车管所验车系统全线瘫痪 车主:明天就200块+3分了   市民购二手房遇乌龙 签约房东已过世遭顶替   孔卡夫妇家宴上港队友 上海顶级豪宅曝光(图)   何炅被急送上海医院手术 疑因金属物插入小腿(图)   天气预报:   上海周三起最低温仅10度 下周将断崖式降温7度相关的主题文章:

The capital of Turkey Ankara car bomb has killed at least 28 people ca1290

The capital of Turkey Ankara car bomb has killed at least 28 people in February 17, Xinhua news agency, Ankara (reporter Zheng Jinfa Zou Le) Turkey Deputy Prime Minister and government spokesman noaman · kurtulmus said 17, near the capital city of Ankara Red Crescent square that evening, a car bomb, killing at least 28 people were killed and 61 injured. Turkey NTV television reported that the car explosion occurred next to the 3 Military buses near the military quarters of the headquarters of the General Staff Headquarters of the armed forces in Turkey. After the explosion, the scene of smoke billowing, a mess. The injured were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. When the explosion occurred, President El of Turkey was hosting the advanced security conference at the presidential palace in Ankara. Keller Chillal, governor of Ankara Province, told the media that he suspected the explosives were loaded on the car. As the bombing site is very close to the general staff of the armed forces of Turkey, the Turkey military and police blocked the scene after the incident. There were dozens of police cars on the scene, and the police helicopter circled in the air. Turkey general Lidawute Davutoglu said the government is investigating the explosion. Last October 10th, there were two suicide bombings near Ankara railway station, killing at least 102 people and injuring more than 200 people. The office of the Prosecutor General of Ankara issued a statement last October 28th that said the investigation showed that a branch of the Islamic state of extremist organization made a serial explosion at the railway station. (CCTV) Kul Tu Mukesh, vice premier of Turkey, held a press conference to say that the bombing resulted in civilians and soldiers, according to CCTV reports, at least 28 people were killed and there were no reports of Chinese casualties At least 28 people were killed and 61 were injured. The killer’s identity is unclear. The Chinese Embassy in Ankara says there are no reports of casualties among Chinese citizens. Editor in chief: SN184

土耳其首都安卡拉汽车爆炸已造成至少28人死亡   新华社安卡拉2月17日电(记者郑金发 邹乐)土耳其副总理兼政府发言人努曼·库尔图尔穆什17日说,首都安卡拉市中心红新月广场附近当天傍晚发生汽车爆炸事件,造成至少28人死亡、61人受伤。   土耳其NTV电视台报道说,这起汽车爆炸发生在土耳其武装部队总参谋部总部军人宿舍附近的3辆军用班车旁边。爆炸发生后,现场浓烟滚滚,一片混乱。受伤人员被送往附近医院救治。   爆炸发生时,土耳其总统埃尔多安正在安卡拉的总统府主持召开高级安全会议。安卡拉省省长克勒奇拉尔对媒体表示,他怀疑爆炸物被装在汽车上。   由于爆炸地点距土耳其武装部队总参谋部很近,土耳其军方和警方在事发后对现场实施封锁,现场有数十辆警车,警方直升机在空中盘旋。   土耳其总理达武特奥卢说,政府正在对爆炸事件进行调查。   去年10月10日,安卡拉火车站附近发生两起自杀式爆炸袭击事件,造成至少102人死亡、200多人受伤。安卡拉市检察长办公室去年10月28日发布声明说,调查显示极端组织“伊斯兰国”的一个分支制造了火车站连环爆炸事件。(完)   另据央视报道   [爆炸导致至少28人丧生 暂无中国公民伤亡报告]土耳其副总理库尔图穆什召开新闻发布会表示,爆炸案造成包括平民和士兵在内的?至少28人丧生,61人受伤。凶手身份尚不明确。中国驻安卡拉大使馆表示暂无中国公民伤亡的报告。 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章:

Xiamen sanitation workers the hard work of uniformed personnel after the typhoon hit me by needle – 索尼a350

Xiamen sanitation workers: the hard work of uniformed personnel after the typhoon hit me by needle – Sohu news according to friends broke the news, "Meranti" typhoon hit Xiamen, sanitation workers are days of rubbish, but yesterday (September 22nd) morning is Lujiang streets comprehensive management office director with more than ten inspectors and police beatings. Net transfer photos show more than blue uniformed personnel and sanitation workers physical altercations, head bleeding, some clothes were torn. Xiamen Siming sanitation management office staff, the causes of conflict is Lujiang Street hired to unload the garbage truck when forced to jump the queue, when the sanitation workers discourage. Siming District Party Committee Propaganda Department today (September 23rd) afternoon to respond to the aurora, the district government has this investigation, the batterer non urban management and the police, the truck driver hired for the transformation of the old company. At present, some people involved suspicion of intentional injury criminal detention by the police, government departments will announce the results of the relevant personnel. The scene, more than two people in blue uniforms and sanitation workers crowded in the garbage truck. Source: video screenshot from yesterday, the number of users post broke the news, said that the city cleaning work in "Meranti" after a typhoon, because some people jump the queue by the sanitation workers in the field to discourage waste transfer dumping and beatings. Net transfer photos can be seen, at least one person in the conflict in the head face bleeding, another two people were torn clothes. Two short video also shows some conflict scene fragments. If more than a blue uniformed personnel and sanitation workers in two crowded garbage truck side, someone shouted "let go", then from the ground up a man wearing green clothes, then, a car with "Siming sanitation on the vehicle side, people and people quarrel, blue uniforms forward, there are people with a hand blocking video shot by the mobile phone camera, stop the shooting. Wearing a red and black striped T-shirt man with white clothes to wipe the head and face. Source: @ Xiamen Shapo tail green man clothes were torn, the injured arm joint. Source: @ Xiamen Shapo tail another video shows a man wearing a red and black striped T-shirt man with white clothes to wipe the head and facial blood, and a man wearing a dark blue T-shirt clothes were torn, the noisy voice, don’t stop the Taiwanese bawl. Some netizens said in the video, a man is the Lujiang Street comprehensive management office director. This afternoon, Siming District contact Aurora city sanitation management, the staff said the inconvenience response on the matter. A source close to the aurora, the time of the incident yesterday morning at 11 pm, Lujiang Street hired vehicles carrying dead leaves to landfill, because verbal dispute forced to jump the queue and command staff, then the driver to get off the beaten vehicle street sanitation workers, sanitation and other personnel to mediate for claim. Then the street comprehensive management office director and nearly 20 uniformed men arrived, "we think they are dealing with the matter, did not expect that forced our unit two before the altercation colleagues in a chair," the person said he had tried to mediate and beaten, obvious bruising and swelling of the face at present. Sanitation workers was beaten Lin added, after a dispute between the two sides about half an hour, he was rushed to the seven or eight vehicle相关的主题文章: