3 Key Areas For Hotels To Focus On In 2016-pullip

Software With steady increase in online connectivity and a large percentage of reservations being made online by mobile guests, hotels have to adapt to these trends to maintain their market positions. While traditional marketing channels are still relevant, they no longer occupy the dominant spot they used to in assisting hotels to find majority of their customers. This has instead been replaced by prospective guests making use of digital technology to find and book hotels. The most successful hotels in the markets today are those that are using the leverage of digital technologies to grab the market share from their less savvy tech .petitors. The three main areas to focus on in the hotel industry this year to remain .petitive are as follows: A strong link with OTAs: Whether we admit it or not the role of OTAs will continue to flourish in the .ing year. As a hotelier it be.es vital to build a strong presence with them as they will bring in the bulk of the business albeit at a hefty sum. While indigenous hotel distribution solution strategies and channels need to be strengthened, to gain better online visibility it is essential to be well represented with top OTAs in the market. They will be the key to attract higher volumes of guests and lead to a higher rate of conversions. This needs to form an integral part of the core digital strategy you adopt for your hotel business. Strong presence on mobile platforms: The future of marketing is digital and nowhere more so then on mobile platforms. The growth of mobile technology and smart-phones means it is critical to develop a strong presence on mobile platforms to capture a large segment of the market share. With an increasing number of hotel bookings made through mobile devices and the number expected to proliferate exponentially in 2016, you need to have a strong and .pelling mobile website for your hotel business. If you want to grab a large part of this market segment and maintain an edge over the .petition, it is time you invested in building a mobile friendly website for your business. Strengthen visibility on social media: Well the hold world is going gaga over social media (well practically of sorts!!). And yes it here to stay for some time at least! Having a strong social media presence is crucial for any business model including the hotel sector. You need to have a well .anised social media campaign that is executed by a professional SEO specialist, who will know how to optimise your website and increase online visibility, which will help in brand building. A strong presence on social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram etc. will play a pivotal role in improving business profitability. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: