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30 and 300 blocks of blush, the difference in what? Really have a big replacement? Before the public for Amway several period parity instead of ~ everyone confused, parity alternative are so good with, why even spend twice times the price to buy big! This is not nonsense it ~ on the cosmetics has been a difficult problem in the world! In the end is to believe that high quality and inexpensive to believe a penny goods, the company held today to give you the clouds. The more expensive the skin care products, the better use? To a certain extent, this kind of understanding is not wrong because big cosmetics from both ingredients and effect, texture, or packaging carefully, the entire production process is strictly controlled, the use of feelings perhaps half will see no difference and cheap cosmetics, but the gap is slowly opened after a considerable period of time. Although the big cosmetics in the advertising is money prices also lead to a high, but as the foundation, such as blush, eye shadow, most of the make-up was the choice of both products from many big big because the durability or degree of protection for the skin are higher than parity products. Today we will distinguish parity ~ blush and lady blush grade science Chushe makeup white need not blush? Absolutely wrong! Blush is not important? Very important! Blush in improving complexion and temperament contributed, in addition, a modified face blush can be just perfect perfect, is an artifact to create three-dimensional makeup. (blush on the big cousin all soft up!!!) (Ni Ni after blush more flirtatious there) so why should I spend 300 dollars to buy a 30 yuan can buy blush? Regardless of the color or parity blush on durability is not big blush, blush on the face and even parity naturally easy to fly powder makeup is like, what do you think of the days before the big blush: blush and parity as well with big parity? I don’t believe it! All the passion, the public for help you focus on a circle, the crowd. The big party (Shu Uemura figure: what are thirteen) @ opt to buy the Shu Uemura, blush feel open the doors of the next century, never found the original play blush look so different, you have your good, there may be some people who have a good foundation, a born beauty, parity like feel good after all. Everyone what the skin texture is different, so many brands, can not judge. @ What thirteen have a significantly higher chroma, Shu Uemura home has always been very popular blush, silty fine do not fly, the color is saturated, a little bit is provided in white complexion, especially by age, with a sense of belonging to the lovely temperament in a blush, not easy to make a mistake. (Chanel map: _ @LULU Runrun squeak) the difference is still there, I use the incense grandma last Christmas limited color on the face is indeed very docile nature, also even my mom said it was a look, compared with canmake did not feel very naturally floating powder, although big fly, but really very silty ok., a sub price goods, can be used to buy as much as possible, even at the end of the month to eat soil. @ _ squeak comes with a small brush and velvet bag, soft brush head, grasping powder super capacity, flannel bags can protect the cake box is not damaged and scratched. And with a few.相关的主题文章: