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360 music cloud disk why close? Experts give the truth ground thunder, 360 wheel suddenly announced shut down SkyDrive personal cloud service. Still remember the promises". In April 27th this year, 28 days, according to SkyDrive closed worry, cloud plate 360 official micro-blog were released on the two words "not simple playfully" and acrostic, said he would not close to the user. Less than half a year, the original commitment has become empty. In March this year following the old SkyDrive 115 and Alibaba’s UC SkyDrive announced to start shutting down, Kingsoft disk, Sina, HUAWEI and SkyDrive have micro disk torrents yongtui personal online storage service, give up. After the 360 SkyDrive exit the personal service, once the top ten SkyDrive already has 7 stores shut down. 360 cloud disk closing means personal cloud disk market is at an end? Download down to 5KB s users do not know when to become jittery, download a never-ending journey "". Since October 20th announced the shutdown, the 360 cloud disk received from all sides of the user tucao. The first is the cloud disk users stampede in resulting inserver, centralized download, download speed let many users refer to despair. 23 day I into the cloud disk, as long as the click download, the server on the wrong, simply can not enter the download page." In the 360 cloud disk storage was high more than and 100 GB TV said ms.. According to the user to reflect, at the beginning, many people simply can not log on the cloud disk, and later able to download, but the speed of despair. "My family is 100m fiber, supposedly the speed is very fast, but the 360 cloud disk download speed is only 36KB s, the speed, the 20G series, to computer day and night to open 180 hours." Ms. Gao said helpless. Compared with micro-blog users @ Medog meditation, Ms. Gao was lucky. 360 cloud disk capacity and other than SkyDrive, I have 49T content inside, including photos, videos, documents, really do not know how to do!" Another netizen said micro-blog, the extreme case he also met 5KB s download speed, according to this rate, the content of his SkyDrive may never complete backup. He would rather 360 cloud disk charges, but also do not want to shut down. Congestion of the network so that users panic, 360 cloud disk then in the official micro-blog said that all the servers have been released to download bandwidth, will allocate and apply for more servers dedicated to download. Judging from the current user’s reaction, 360 cloud disk network congestion situation has not been properly resolved, the user’s anger is still fermenting. In addition to the allocation and application server dedicated to download more than 360 cloud disk is also trying to find other solutions: cooperation and other SkyDrive, for users to store. An industry source told reporters that the current 360 cloud disk and Tianyi cloud is to communicate the user to save the program of cooperation. Prior to 360, Baidu rejected SkyDrive. Regulatory pressure or just excuse users angry at the same time, the reason for the closure of 360 cloud disk is also a lot of speculation. According to the announcement shows that 360 cloud disk to make this decision is the reason for the use of criminals cloud disk 360.相关的主题文章: