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Travel-and-Leisure Marrakech, once a bit of a hippy must see is now one of the grandest of all of the areas of North Africa and really has a lot to offer tourists, especially if they manage to get some great London deals . The city is a mixture of the tradition you expect and also of the modern, glitzy and glam like resorts you want to visit. From the old city and the terracotta roofs to the great 5 star luxury there’s plenty for people of all persuasions to see in Marrakech. So, if you can get a good offer a day deal and some budget flights it makes the perfect destination for three or four days. So, what are the best things to see when you’re there? Riads If you do visit look to stay in a riad, these are town houses but as you would expect with an air of Moroccan style and come with the cool and relaxed feel you would expect from a boutique like hotel in Marrakech. The riad is generally small and is usually situated around a courtyard. One of the things tourists will delight in is the fact that these areas often really come with an attention to detail that is second to none. Expect red petals on your bed, or pastries in your room. It’s the attention to detail here that counts and these riads generally have them. Due to their popularity they’ve often been given some great make overs in recent years and most sport art deco styles that really impress. Sightseeing If you do visit Marrakech, make sure to enjoy the luxury, particularaly if you have it all inclusive thanks to an offer a day deal. However, also try to get out and about as it’s a great city to see. Make sure to see the botanic garden that Yves Saint Laurent once owned and some of the amazing palaces and mosques that are as extravagant or more so even, than you riad. From amazing tiles and dcor to a friendly welcome they have to be visited. The best of which to visit is the Koutoubia Mosque, which was built on the 11th century. Souks Morocco is a great place to visit for Europeans as it has a certain element of familiarity that many North African countries simply don’t have. It’s also one of the most facilitating Muslim countries you can visit. One of the great things however to see when there is the souk. These market places allow you to experience many of the crafts that have been around for hundreds of years and maybe even pick up some great d3als . From ceramics and tiles to amazing towels and bowls, as well as silk carpets and other crafts, these souks are the place to witness them. Maison de La Photograph The house of photography as the translation would suggest shows you some of the most amazing images of Morocco from the past, right up to the present. From great images of traditional tribesmen and other amazing Moroccan images, this is a must see. There are over 3,500 photographs and many dates back as far as 1870 and many were taken in the Atlas Mountains, meaning they have spectacular views. After you rummage through the 3,500 photos why not roof top coffees have and just enjoy your surroundings. Food Morocco is famed for its food and rightly so, some of the grub in the country us fabulous. One of the best places to eat, which is also cheap – is street food. Djemaa el Fna Square is famed for its array of street food and comes in a range of different styles and dishes. From caramelised pumpkin to tagines, there is much to choose from and it really is a treat for the senses. Moroccan favourites include pastille – pigeon in pastry with nuts and topped with cinnamon and sugar – try it. Morocco is a must visit with an offer a day deal or even without. It’s low cost, exciting as well as a beautiful and a great experience. About the Author: The Article is written by Cormac Reynolds at www.D3ALS.co.uk providing and aggregation of Daily Deals, Hotel Deals, Holiday Deals, Spa Deals including deal of the day . Visit .www.D3ALS.co.uk for more information on www.D3ALS.co.uk Products & Services. Copyright information. This article is free for reproduction but must be reproduced in its entirety, including live links & this copyright statement must be included. Visit www.D3ALSco.uk Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Travel-and-Leisure 相关的主题文章: