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Is it reliable? IPhone 7 camera flat antenna disappear – Sohu digital     Zhongguancun online news: if no accident of Apple’s annual iPhone products will be released in September, although the 7 release from the iPhone  and for half a year, but the Internet has begun to spread all kinds of news about the new machine. Recently, foreign media AppleInsiders news said, iPhone  7 compared to iPhone  6S will not change much. Suspected iPhone  7 renderings (pictures from macrumors)     AppleInsiders news says, although iPhone  7 changes will not be too big, but will be in the user’s most concerned about two aspects of adjustment. The first must be the camera, the new machine will be adjusted, so that the camera and the whole fuselage back flat; the second natural is plastic antenna strip, message called iPhone  7 will remove the back of the antenna strip, but the mobile phone side and top antenna will be retained.     although we still can not determine the reliability of the news, the change of the new machine actually how the value, but at least in the good for the development, but also let us look forward to it. 可靠否? iPhone 7摄像头平整天线条消失-搜狐数码  中关村在线消息:如果不出意外苹果每年的iPhone产品都会在九月份发布,虽然目前离iPhone 7发布还有半年之久,但网上已经开始流传各种有关新机的消息了。近日,外媒AppleInsiders消息称,iPhone 7相比iPhone 6s不会有太大变化。 疑似iPhone 7效果图(图片引自macrumors)   AppleInsiders消息称,虽然iPhone 7的改变不会太大,但会在用户最关心的两方面进行调整。第一个肯定就是摄像头,新机中会进行调整,让摄像头和整个机身背部保持平齐;第二个自然就是塑料天线条,消息称iPhone 7会移除背部天线条但手机侧边及顶端天线则会保留下来。   虽然我们还无法确定消息的可靠性,改变后的新机究竟颜值如何,但最起码是在向好的方面发展,也让我们期待一下吧。相关的主题文章: