Game Oscar announced the watch vanguard won the annual award sql server 2000 个人版

The game "Oscar" published "watch pioneer" won the annual award in December 2nd morning, called the game industry "Oscar" — The Game Award announced, "watch the pioneer" get game of the year award, the development company Blizzard Entertainment won best game makers award, well-known game producer Kojima Hideo "(Industry Icon) industry icon" the title. This year’s TGA awards ceremony held in Losangeles, and the past, still by the well-known game media people Geoff Keighley chaired. As the game industry’s annual event, and excellent exposure, the major manufacturers are willing to publish new games being developed in this festival, some already published games for the latest trailer. In 2016 The Game Award list of winners: game of the year: "watch" pioneer nomination: "doom 4" "Inside" "Titan 2" "uncharted 4" best game manufacturer: DICEID SoftwareNaughty DogRespawn: Blizzard Entertainment nominated for best indie Games: Entertainment "Inside": "see the fire" nominated "Hyper Light Drifter" the "star dewdale story" "witness" best handheld mobile phone game: "demon treasure dream: GO" "Royal nomination: Fire Emblem:" war "destiny" and "monster hunter G" "Severed" best narrative game: "uncharted 4:" see "nominated fire" "Inside" "." 3 brothers "Oxenfree" best music sound design: "doom 4" Nomination: "battlefield 1" "Inside" "Rez Infinite" "Thumper" best performance: Nolan North, "God The secret sea 4 ": Cissy Jones, nominated" fire "Emily Rose," Rich Sommer "uncharted 4," fire "Troy Baker," uncharted 4 "most influential game:" cancer like dragon "Nomination:" 1979 Revolution "Block" "hood" "Orwell" "Sea Hero Quest" best VR game: "Rez" unlimited nomination: "Batman: Akram VR" "EVE" "Job Simulator" Valkyrie "Thumper" best action game: "doom 4" Nomination: "battlefield 1" "war machine 4" "watch" pioneer "Titan 2" best action adventure game: "shame 2" Nomination: "the killers" "Hyper Light" Drifter "Ricky and dingdong" "uncharted 4" best RPG: "The Witcher 3: blood and wine:" soul of darkness "nominated" 3 "deus ex:" split "World of Warcraft: Legion" "the edge of the different X" best fighting game: "Street Fighter 5" Nomination: "killer School: the third quarter"相关的主题文章: