Lijiang tour guide tourists satire too stingy to pull out a hair will be fined 20 thousand yuan in B 1926年属相�

Lijiang tour guide tourists "satire too stingy to pull out a hair will be fined 20 thousand yuan" – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Lijiang on October 8th news (reporter Li Tengfei) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" reported on the past "eleven" golden week, two college students in Hangzhou with a price of 1999 yuan per person to enroll in the "the five day" graduation season Dali Lijiang flying, in Lijiang City, visit sea area because did not participate in the riding, boating and other items at their own expense of being a tour guide ", a satire too stingy to pull out a hair" part. Lijiang City, Yunnan City, the 7 issued by the Foreign Affairs Committee, after investigation and verification, will be punished for someone’s tour guides and travel agencies. These two tourists, they arrived in Lijiang on October 2nd in the afternoon tea horse road attractions, there are 150 yuan riding at their own expense project, was due to the physiological period and the fear of horses, put forward to go riding, when the big troops return tour bus, tour guide is a bull said in public "two people on the car too stingy to pull out a hair 150. Is not willing to spend money, they are not in Lijiang even a picture, also don’t know what to do." After the tour guides take visitors to a local bull is a sell Spirulina shop, see tourists buy a few very unhappy, "said tour guide is also a task, each missing a bag I put 30 yuan of money, did not earn a penny today." After the tourists will also be taken to a friend of his business yak meat store shopping. The final part is travel itinerary. After the incident, Lijiang tourism law enforcement officers repeatedly contact the parties to verify the situation. According to the survey, the two tourists in September 30th in Kunming – Dali – Lijiang 3 nights 4 days, among them, Lijiang Duan Hangcheng commissioned Lijiang EZ travel agency is responsible for the reception, travel zoo tour guide for the team assigned a cow on the service. In this incident, suspected of violating the provisions of the Lijiang travel zoo "tour tourism law" in advance "or charge" to guide, to Lijiang travel zoo at twenty thousand Yuan fines, fines for Yang somewhere ten thousand yuan of travel agency. The tour guide and a cow suspected of violating the "Regulations" in the management of tour guides "tour guides, shall not deceive or coerce tourists consumption or collude with businesses to deceive or coerce tourists consumption", intends to fines of twenty thousand yuan tour cattle somewhere.相关的主题文章: