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Haiti hurricane death toll rose   "Matthew" landed in the United States – International – people.com.cn original title: the death toll climbed Haiti hurricane "Matthew" landing the picture Reuters quoted data compiled by Haiti Civil Defense Department reported that as of 7, the number of deaths strong hurricane "Matthew" in southern Haiti and northwest which has more than 877, there are still about 61 thousand and 500 people stay in shelters. At the same time, "Matthew" 7, arrived in Florida and all the way north, Florida has killed at least 4 people, the state has more than 1 million power outages. Some hard hit areas like "ghost town", NASA launch center roof even by Hurricane blowing bad". Haiti’s death toll continues to rise as Haiti’s death toll rises, as previously recovered information from remote areas of Haiti, where storms cut off ties. At least 3 town and west coastal towns have reported the deaths of dozens of people, including the town of chantal. "A tree house fell, we are one family under the rubble unable to escape," Chantal residents Jean Donald said, "come and help us move away the ruins of nearby residents, and I find that his wife had died." Beside Donald and her young daughter, she was crying, "Mom."". Chantal town mayor said, local 86 people have died, mostly because the houses were trees collapsed, 20 people are still missing. United Nations Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said that due to bad weather and impassable roads, the Haiti government and the United Nations air, land disaster assessment action 6 days before the start. Because of the interruption of communications, flood road closures, southwest Haiti is still a large area of contact with the outside world of poor residents, food and water resources in an emergency. According to Reuters, at least 7 people have died of cholera in Haiti, probably due to drinking contaminated water. The U.S. Navy has sent a "Mesa Verde amphibious transport dock ship to Haiti to participate in disaster relief work. [beauty and more like a "ghost town"] hurricane Matthew as early as 7, landing in the eastern state of Florida coastal area and road north. The National Hurricane Center said the communique released the same day, hurricane Matthew in Florida after landing strength from 4 reduced to 3 hurricanes, but the maximum sustained winds once maintained at 193 kilometers per hour. 7 later, with hurricane Matthew, the maximum sustained wind speed weakened to 175 kilometers per hour, the National Hurricane Research Center downgraded it to class 2 hurricane. However, despite the hurricane Matthew strength has eased, still extremely dangerous". In the hurricane affected areas seriously, trees were uprooted. Agence France-Presse, Florida, Saint Augustine "empty", the city almost dark, shops are closed, most of the roads were flooded or destroyed by trees. "I am afraid it is difficult to restore some of the houses or does not exist," said Schaefer Augustine mayor Nancy?. In Volusia County, a woman 7 at noon while the storm lull when they go out to their own animal feed, but unfortunately fallen trees hit and killed. A woman in Putnam County in the wind)相关的主题文章: