The man was forced to rent for two months to live just moved away from home intermediary frequently 月丘うさぎ

The man was forced to rent for two months to live just moved away from the original title: Intermediary home frequently threatened and destroyed the unexpired lease you real   Mr. Wang by Beijing Oriental HUAHAN Real Estate Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Oriental Huahan") leasing the Haidian District diamond River residence partition room, but just stayed for two months, intermediary requires them to move out. In the case of failed communication, intermediary smashed partition room "Mr. Wang flat-share roommate and flat-share demonstration" room 4 720000 stolen, a total of twenty thousand yuan of money lost. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter on the Municipal Construction Committee website did not query the record of the real estate agency information. At present, Dazhongsi police station involved in the investigation. Narrator: tenants frequently threatened Mr. Wang told reporters that the end of August, he passed the Oriental Huahan rented a room occupancy room, after two months, the agency said the requirements of nuisance, move out as soon as possible. The other 3 households also encountered the same situation of Mr. Wang flat-share. Mr. Wang said: "after October 29th, intermediary frequent home harassment and intimidation, also threatened to put the things we all threw out." November 3rd, the line on the front door was artificially pulled, resulting in 29 floors of the 8 blackout. November 4th afternoon, the house tenants were looted, Mr. Wang lost 3000 yuan in cash, the other 3 lost computers, cameras and other valuables, the loss of a total of twenty thousand yuan. Mr. Wang recalled that "we opened the door and was dumbfounded by the door, partition the house clothes thrown out of order, everywhere" (pictured). "The house is not expired, no refund us how to go?" The most let Mr. Wang is angry, intermediary frequent harassment, his wife was pregnant 5 weeks, because of physical discomfort has been feel alarmed. Scene: the partition between the ruins of the reporters came to the Haidian District River Drilling mansion 1 room No. 2906, see a room door partition room was demolished, side walls and doors on the side of the bed piled smashed partition wall board. The partition between the smashed tenants have moved from Xiao Jun, reporters contacted Xiao Jun, Xiao Jun told reporters, the room was out of order, he could not stay on the table, the computer has been smashed. Wang told reporters that the monthly rent of 1850 yuan, pay a deposit of $three, including deposit, rent and health expenses, they paid nearly $10 thousand to the intermediary. According to Mr. Wang et al and Oriental Huahan signed the contract, the reporter saw one of the terms such as "disturbing phenomenon, as a breach of contract, Party A shall have the right to terminate the contract and take back the house to open the door". Mr. Wang said, when signing a contract intermediary not to look, afterwards found that many provisions of the king". Response: Mr. Zhou denied burglary hit housing tenants to provide a rental "victim" QQ group to reporters, Oriental remarks Huahan "victim" as many as 30 people, many people still did not refund arrival. The reporter contacted the intermediary clerk. When Lee, he said, disturbing tenants default, but denied the demolition of house. When a reporter asked questions such as the refund extension, Lee responded that the tenant can not move out of the refund, we have to settle the water and electricity charges, how much money to refund." Reporters on the website of the Municipal Construction Committee did not query the record of the real estate agency information. become相关的主题文章: