American comfortable business model real Changan Ford Taurus 音羽かなで

American business comfortable fan shot Changan Ford Guangzhou Ford Taurus Phoenix car photos: always give the impression that the movement of hardcore style, under the car from Fawkes to the Mondeo, are representative of sports cars, so when released in Ford Taurus, my first reaction is that this is a large Mondeo Taichung? Because I have no chance to experience this a Ford flagship model, the test on the same day, my first reaction is "it is Ford?" Stable body design, strong business atmosphere, coupled with luxurious interior styling, which completely subvert my impression of Ford. But from the details, Taurus still retains a lot of Ford style dynamic design, for example, Martin face design, bilateral single out of the square outlet, the same size of the wheel hub…… At the same time from the driving feeling, compared to the competitors, the Taurus power gives a very direct feeling, explosive turbine engine is very strong, to more light, while driving will let you feel yourself in a car so much. The configuration of the car can only be described in terms of luxury, SONY provided by the sound, knob type shift, rear central armrest group control buttons and a series of improvements in the configuration of the car comfort. If you use a word to describe, Taurus is a very good business model can be opened very bright. Recommended dealer name Guangzhou Anjie Mingfu Automobile Co. Ltd. Tel 020-66343998 address Science City Guangzhou City No. 31 Luogang District Ke Feng Lu (Southern China new material innovation park) tab: Phoenix car interior appearance:相关的主题文章: