Asahi · China Award 2017 spring and summer series conference held in Beijing

"Asahi · China Award" 2017 spring and summer series conference held in Beijing in late October 29, 2016 20, CO sponsored by the Chinese International Fashion Week Organizing Committee, Japan asahikasei Corporation and Japan asahikasei fibers, Hongkong Fashion Designers Association, Chinese Clothing Co sponsored Designer Fashion Art Committee of the association of "Asahi – China fashion Designer Award" in the spring and summer of 2017 a series of work conference held in Beijing Hotel, announced nineteenth award-winning designer Li Guohua released the theme of works. "Asahi – China Award" 2017 spring and summer series of works of Li Guohua conference press conference, vice president of Japan’s Asahi Kasei Corporation Kobayashi Tomoji, Asahi Kasei corporation executive and the Minister of high fiber Lili male, chairman of the Hongkong Fashion Designers Association Yang Bin and Chinese chess Fashion Association chairman Zhang Qinghui, respectively, gave a speech, to congratulate the award-winning designer, and the representative of Japan, the Chinese representative Kobayashi Tomoji Zhang Qinghui as the award-winning designer trophy and certificate. At the same time, from the East Bentley two new forces model, just pick the twenty-second session of the 2016 Chinese Model Star Contest female champion Cui Chenchen and male runner up Qin Weizhao at a press conference at the scene show fashion designers! Japan’s vice president of Asahi Kasei Corporation Kobayashi Tomoji (left), chairman of the association Chinese costume designer Zhang Qinghui (right) together for the award winning designer Li Guohua (in) the twenty-second session of the 2016 trophy and certificate Chinese Model Star Contest Champion Cui Chenchen, female male model in the sub Qin Weizhao at a press conference at the scene show fashion designer evening at 20 o’clock, "Asahi – China Fashion Designer Award (hereinafter referred to as" Asahi – China Award) "nineteenth award-winning architect Li Guohua conference" Chic Voyage travel "staged on time. The travel theme throughout the show, the main structure of wagon stage realistic as if let everyone in the beautiful panoramic view of the scenery along the way. 4 sets of different style series, 52 sets of seemingly simple clothing, clever change utility in creative design designer, let the audience shouted with surprise and fun. Designer Li Guohua to release this theme is "type Chic Voyage brigade", designers think that travel has become a part of life, the multicultural fusion through the clothing design to express fashion into the air into travel life, with strong function convenient travel changes in travel to you, let your beauty, fashion there is practical meaning. This way of life inspired the design concept of the "tourist". In the fabric of choice, Li Guohua said, when you see the Bemberg fabrics, mind immediately surfaced lightsome, soft feeling, quiet and elegant colors; when the skin touches them, silky texture melts to fingertips, let a person very pleasant. Therefore, every time to see the beautiful shape to the vertical sensual Bemberg fabrics sewing clothes show that he was very excited, he is also looking forward to this time using Bemberg fabrics work conference! International supermodel "Asahi – Chinese Mo Banten finale debut Award" 2017 spring and summer series!相关的主题文章: