To abuse, this is the largest child injury – maternal Sohu wegener肉芽肿

To abuse, this is the largest child injury – Sohu | swallow the author maternal husband with children just enter the house, will hold the said "Oh, you really grown up." "Why, please tell me," I put down the hands of the living, can scarcely wait to hear the following. Originally, my husband just ride to the kindergarten Lele, Lele under such heavy rain, sitting in the back also move, his husband quarrel. The Lele said, father’s leg dew outside, he wanted to Layu clothes to cover the father. Later, her husband said nothing to get, and then did not move Lele, but quietly stretched out as little as possible to cover the father. A man said, he looked self-conscious, hide because touched and wet eyes. Indeed, in this fast-paced society, adults often do not have much patience to listen to children’s ideas, to analyze why they do so. It is customary to use the eyes of fast food style to catch the information, take it for granted conclusion. In fact, when you wait a little longer, rather than with the eyes to see, may be able to harvest an unexpected move. Speaking of this, I suddenly remembered that when I was a child, I was very hurt, even after years, I still asked my mother, how can I think of me, I am your child! I was 93 years, on the fourth grade primary school, as the only daughter of my family condition is not bad, the habit of mother every day to give me 10 Fen money, I can buy my love five cents a bubblegums with it, or other snacks. But, you know, I did not buy, but to save 10 Fen of the day quietly, I want to do a big thing. So I had to save ah, finally one day, I saved 10 dollars, I was excited, quickly took a pile of banknotes for the canteen to grandma for a $ten bills, ten yuan ah, you know? How much is it in 93 years for a little boy? This kind of money is only in the pockets of adults, children can not be, but I have such a hand. Then I took the ten yuan as the nation’s like, fast to find the mother, imagine my mother saw the surprised expression, she will look forward to how the event praised me, but I want to do is to give my mother the surprise, make her happy. But I was wrong, when I was excited to see her mother, her first reaction was: "where did you get it?" Bang…… Feel the moment from the peak of fall into the bottom, she got up to check the wall bag when I wronged cry, "I was saved". Mom did not seem to hear, and so she confirmed that the money is really no less, I believe what I said. But at that time, my heart has a glass, not the slightest happiness of pride. I don’t know why my mother thinks of me so much. How can I think I stole it? I’m her child! I am full of joy to give her a surprise, I hold the hard work to save ten dollars to her, no, this is where the money is, ah, this is clearly a child’s heart ah, the result was heavily hit the ground. But I didn’t say anything at the time, because I didn’t know how to express it. It was just a feeling of injury相关的主题文章: