Tender cow five NOKIA Pentagon concept mobile phone – Digital Sohu beef怎么读�

Tender cow five NOKIA Pentagon –   digital mobile phone concept of Sohu; NOKIA and Microsoft contract finally expired, this also means that NOKIA can justifiably return to the mobile phone market. Recently there is news that NOKIA will launch a new intelligent mobile phone, but we are more interested in the new concept of a mobile phone, because of the unique design of the Pentagon, so called "prism". NOKIA mobile phone     prism concept;; the Pentagon mobile phone how to operate? This is a mobile phone to a radius of the fan-shaped expansion of thumb, more easily this design theory, use should be more easily, but want to play video in full screen on a Pentagon screen, seems to think about how to put the inappropriate. Full screen video playback can not seem to solve the     in addition, want to put a Pentagon in his pocket, the correct method is what? At least I do not want to good. But now many of the market size of mobile phone doesn’t way into his pocket, can only be installed in the package, so the Pentagon and large screen mobile phone mobile phone seems to be the same on the package.     of course, this is just a concept phone. As for what is the concept of mobile phones, is used to attract attention, as to whether it can be put into effect, from the current situation, it is almost impossible.相关的主题文章: