Two factors blocking HuJiao adjustment 捷安特xtc750

Two factors to adjust the space Sina HuJiao closure fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! – Wang Zhuying told reporters yesterday affected by the Fed rate hike is expected to rebound in the futures market and the stock market suffered a "black Monday", the HuJiao decline before, all fell 420 yuan per ton or 3.29%, to close at 12360 yuan per ton, lighten up 18 thousand and 700 to 246 thousand and 800 hand in hand. The "continuous improvement of downstream demand form an important support for natural rubber, the rapid decline in the same bullish stock, should not be too much bearish." MEIKO futures analyst Xie Yujun said. The level of demand, according to the Automobile Association latest statistics, the first eight months of this year the domestic car total sales of 16 million 846 thousand vehicles and 16 million 755 thousand, year-on-year growth of 10.82% and 11.43% respectively. Since last year, the national launch of 1.6 liter following vehicle purchase tax reduction, especially the domestic automobile passenger car sales continued to increase, the policy will continue until December this year, is expected to potential power consumption before maturity to Car Buying will focus on the release of the car market before the end of the year or usher in a new peak. Commercial vehicle sales in August 275 thousand and 500, with growth of 11.99% and 11.38%, the heavy truck sales of 22955 vehicles, an increase of 44.24%, slightly reduced 0.78%. As of September 9th, the wheel enterprises operating rate remained at around 70%, of which all steel tires of 69.81%, semi steel tire of 72.10%. However, it should be noted that with the advent of the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, the late opening rate will decline. Xie Yujun said, as of now the downstream demand for natural rubber demand better form a good support, the next round of business holiday affected by the operating rate will drop, but the car terminal strong consumption will continue to rubber prices bullish. Inventory, as of the end of August, Qingdao bonded rubber base total 116 thousand and 900 tons, representing a decrease of 25.35% at the beginning of the month, the natural rubber stocks for 75 thousand and 700 tons, compared with the first month reduced 31.31%, sustained and rapid decline in inventory. "Taking into account the bonded area has a lot of property for all bank collateral rubber rubber, this batch of old and high cost, the bank will not sell the current rubber prices, the number of the free trade zone will be smaller the Zhongtian glue." Xie Yujun pointed out that since the 1609 delivery soon, warehouse and inventory of natural rubber and out of the cancellation or will continue to pressure on the stock is expected to improve slightly. Huatai Futures Institute analyst Chen Li said that from the historical point of view, stocks fell in line with the seasonal pattern, the main factory production season, purchase demand, while domestic and foreign open cut early yield is not less than the inflow and outflow, this year because the domestic part of raw materials processing plant in the delivery of goods into the exchange, to a certain extent, consumption the downstream factory, the factory needs more from the bonded area in need. And from the same situation, this year by the stock rose turned down rapidly, the recent decline in inventory, a good supporting role for natural rubber price. On相关的主题文章: