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Samsung mobile phone profits fell to the Android Samsung to dominate the Jiuhua nightmare than market research firm Strategy Analytics released the latest report shows that in the global mobile phone profit ranking, Samsung fell out of the top five for the first time, apple still topped the list, HUAWEI is the first time to become the world’s most profitable Smartphone manufacturer Android. Data show that in the first quarter, the total operating profit of $9 billion 400 million smartphone, while Apple’s operating profit of up to $8 billion 500 million, accounting for the global smartphone industry operating profit of 91%. Chinese companies HUAWEI, vivo and OPPO ranked 2-4, accounting for 2.4%, respectively, 2.2%, 2.2%. Among them, the first time in the history of the world’s highest profit HUAWEI Android smartphone manufacturers. Remaining profits accounted for only 2.2% of other brands. It is worth noting that Samsung ranked only ninth in this ranking, profit of only $10 million, accounting for only $0.1%. Previously, Samsung maintained a global position of second. In 2015 global smartphone profits, Samsung accounted for 14%. Samsung Electronics announced the 2016 fiscal year third quarter report, Samsung Electronics three quarter overall operating profit in nearly 7 trillion and 400 billion won a year ago fell 30% to 5 trillion and 200 billion won, net profit fell 16.8% to 4 trillion and 540 billion won ($4 billion), revenue decreased 7.5% to 47 trillion and 820 billion won. The industry believes that, Note 7 explosion door will be pushed to the most dangerous position in the history of Samsung, not only suffered a huge economic losses, but also caused incalculable brand damage. In the Note 7 smart phones due to explosion door event shutdown, Samsung’s mobile operating profit fell by 96% to $100 billion won a year ago. Samsung side said that due to the catastrophic events of Note 7, resulting in a quarterly profit of the mobile sector hit a record six years ago since the first launch of the Galaxy series of mobile phone product line. Samsung plans to launch in February next year’s flagship smartphone Galaxy S8, which may be a turnaround in the mobile sector to reverse the market situation. Apple to improve product pricing, and reduce production costs, this ability is very strong, so iPhone continue to create huge profits." Strategy Analytics director Linda · said the Sui Dynasty. Strategy Analytics chief executive Neal · Moss Dayton said, HUAWEI in the three quarter to create a $200 million operating profit in the global share of 2%, efficient supply chain, quality products and effective marketing is the main driving force of HUAWEI strong profits. Due to the surge in mobile phone shipments in Asia and the development of strict pricing standards, vivo and OPPO in the three quarter achieved a relatively stable profit. Earlier this month, HUAWEI released its annual flagship mobile phone Mate 9 series, some models of the price soared to nearly a million. The industry believes that HUAWEI in the past two years in terms of high-end layout and mobile phone sales continue.相关的主题文章: