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To emulate the "Warren" Buffett, and Sun Zhengyi Ali ARM investment vision more ruthless? Sohu, science and technology [Technews] science news recently, foreign media reports, Softbank group president Sun Zhengyi disclosed that he wanted to become the Buffett of technology, Softbank’s goal is science’s · Hathaway. With precise malicious fierce investment action, "Warren" Buffett and his investment company Berkshire Hathaway · industry appreciation. At present, Softbank has successfully bet on Alibaba, and through the acquisition of ARM to enter the networking market is huge, the two investment in the same industry certainly. Led by Ali and ARM, Sun Zhengyi has the precision investment industry revealed that Sun Zhengyi nearly ten years participated in the 140 trading case, invested $82 billion amount, most profitable exit. Investment Alibaba Sun Zhengyi is considered to be the most cost-effective sale in 2000, Softbank gave Ali $20 million, took a 34.4% stake. In 2014, with Ali in the United States, Softbank shares a market capitalization of $58 billion, is 2900 times that of the original. The Alibaba listed on the same day event (Source: Ma micro-blog) benefit from Ali listed, Sun Zhengyi at that time also got the title of Japan’s richest man. In September this year, Softbank announced that it has completed a $32 billion acquisition chip company ARM transactions, the cross-border acquisition of the semiconductor industry caused by vibration. Despite the impact of the acquisition of ARM in the future to reflect, but the industry has been very optimistic about starting things through the ARM Softbank market outlook. In addition to Ali and ARM this two well-known investment, Sun Zhengyi also invested in YAHOO in 1995 2003, investment Chinese Shanda, as the two companies have listed, Sun Zhengyi will hold the stock and timely cash, get hundreds of millions of dollars in return. In addition, Softbank investment company Supercell Mobile Games and its hands of the former Tencent Inc, it also made a profit of $about 3000000000. To emulate the "Warren" Buffett, Sun Zhengyi’s need to do more with Buffett but frequent accurate investment compared to Sun Zhengyi and Softbank obviously need to do more. Therefore, the recent Softbank and Saudi Arabia jointly set up a $100 billion fund for science and technology. Sun Zhengyi pointed out that this fund will invest hundreds of millions of dollars over this business, Softbank would "be away from danger". Sun’s reason is that relying solely on the group’s own funds, the size of the company will become smaller and smaller. In addition, Sun Zhengyi also pointed out that $100 billion is only a beginning, in the face of the upcoming information revolution, even $100 billion is not enough". In November 7th, the latest Softbank group reported, as of September 30th second quarter, Softbank group net profit of 512 billion 100 million yen)相关的主题文章: