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For every 4 people in Zhejiang have 1 people standing in the home of the doctor’s advice: hypertension blood pressure hypertension is a chronic clinical state of every 4 people in Zhejiang have 1 people of hypertension in Zhejiang province cardiovascular disease prevention research center in 2013 conducted a survey of the epidemiology of hypertension, 24.6% of Zhejiang people with hypertension, 25.2% lower than the national data. That is to say one out of every 4 people in Zhejiang have 1 people with hypertension. This is really not a small number. Hypertension is the most common cardiovascular disease. In the end what is high blood pressure? According to the doctor, not taking antihypertensive drugs in three cases, the non blood pressure, systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure greater than 140mmHg or more than 90mmHg, it can be diagnosed with hypertension. Hypertension is a global epidemic, with one in every five adults worldwide. The global annual death from complications of hypertension is 9 million 400 thousand cases. "A lot of people with high blood pressure, high blood pressure for many years, but they do not know." Zhejiang hospital president Yan Jing told reporters that hypertension in most cases without any symptoms; but if not treated, it will damage the body artery and a number of important organs, which is why hypertension is often called the "silent killer". Routine examination is difficult to reflect the blood pressure in the home of the best standing sphygmomanometer "know your blood pressure this thing, you can not just older patents. In Yan Jing, after more than 30 years old, you should understand their blood pressure numbers, in addition to the annual regular blood pressure measurement, the home should also keep a blood pressure meter. Why? Deputy director of Zhejiang Provincial Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Research Center Yu Yu met two patients in yesterday’s clinic, it is able to explain the problem. 50 year old Ms. Chen looked worried, doctor, every time I have high blood pressure in the hospital." Yu Yu gave her a test, systolic pressure 180mmHg, much higher than the normal level of 120mmHg. But Ms. Chen did not have symptoms of high blood pressure, measured at home, her blood pressure is normal, this is called white coat hypertension." Yu Yu said, there are a lot of people like Ms. Chen, see the doctor wearing a white coat on the spirit of tension and speed up the heart, leading to peripheral vasoconstriction, showing that the blood pressure is measured in the hospital. The 45 year old Mr. Wang in the usual physical examination, blood pressure has never been in a normal state, but in Yu Yu’s view, this does not mean that he is far away from high blood pressure, "he had a history of diabetes, snoring at night, usually have symptoms of chest tightness, such patients should be suspected may have masked hypertension." Yu Yu said that this is because the human body blood pressure is high in the morning and evening, we often have a physical examination of the highest blood pressure time. Therefore, relying solely on the annual physical examination of the hospital and can not accurately reflect their blood pressure, the measurement of the morning and evening at home to illustrate the problem. In the view of Yu Yu, to the family of the elderly send blood pressure meter, far more than to send health care products, supplements are much better, "this year, I bought a dozen sphygmomanometer, gave his father and mother, father-in-law, and the.相关的主题文章: