National Tourism Administration launched the China’s top ten tourist routes selection activities – t 小坂めぐる

National Tourism Bureau launched the "Chinese ten boutique tourist routes, travel channel selection activities in Beijing in September 7, (Feng Yatao) recently, sponsored by the National Tourism Bureau, CYTS travel network contractors,, organized the China ten boutique tourist routes" contest was officially launched. From September 5, 2016 to September 16th, users simply visit the National Tourism Bureau official website, CYTS travel network, or the attention of the National Tourism Bureau, travel travel WeChat public number, you can enter the event page, participate in line selection at the PC end of the web, creative H5, and get the amount of WeChat bonuses. "China’s top ten boutique tourist routes" selection activities aimed at mining China’s rich tourism resources, characteristics of tourist routes, establish a new image of China’s tourism. The event through the analysis of large tourism data, according to the past five years, the actual activity of domestic tourists tour line height, according to the proportion of 1:3 launched 30 candidate lines. The candidate line covers the 31 provincial administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao and Taiwan regions, both the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale classic line, also has the Silk Road, the maritime Silk Road, Tea Road, such as the long march of the Red Army historical lines, more snow in northern and South China Sea customs Chinese beautiful natural scenery class line. It is understood that the "Chinese ten boutique tourist routes contest will be determined according to the network of 20 primary votes line, the Committee of experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, news media, tourism enterprise representatives vote on the re evaluation of primary line, determine the final 10 lines according to the expert level of votes. China’s top ten tourist routes, the final list will be publicized on the official website of the National Tourism Administration, and officially announced on September 23rd. National Tourism Bureau official said, China has a unique natural tourism resources, cultural tourism resources and red tourism resources, with the unique advantages of the development of tourism. These unique resources are being transformed into a popular tourist boutique line. "Chinese ten boutique tourist routes" selection activities, attract more domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery, folk customs, taste the delicacy and experience of leisure tourism in China, fully appreciate Chinese culture broad and profound and unique charm, to expand the visibility of tourism resources, tourism city, tourism development, poverty alleviation and influence power to promote global tourism implementation is very important. The official web page (link: click on the picture to the voting page) (click to enter the H5 interactive page) official two-dimensional code (H5 page) (commissioning editor: Feng Yatao, even pure)相关的主题文章: