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Brazil Olympic official ticketing scandal exposed the police evidence many people involved in the Sohu of European Military Channel IOC President Patrick? And gene suspected of reselling tickets for the Olympic Games in Rio in Rio De Janeiro last week was arrested by the police. Brazil police said 23 days, have helped the British company sports ticket THG Hickey reselling tickets for the Olympic Games by email. According to the contents of the e-mail, the Brazil police also suspect to temporarily take over as IOC President William Hickey Irish? Obrien is also a problem, may also be involved in the international scalping case. [evidence] at the age of 71, as Europe and Ireland Hickey IOC IOC president two post, began in 2012 as the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee. 17 this month, he was arrested in rio. Brazil police suspect he took advantage of his position, the IOC will master a lot of Olympic tickets to the British company THG sports ticket, to assist the latter in the black market ticket scalping profiteering. Hickey and THG both denied scalping. Brazil police 23, said at a news conference, the police found a man named Marcus and Hickey? There are frequent e-mails of British businessman Evans, Evans is the THG company behind his master, a namesake company responsible for the management of THG. The police said, and Evans Hickey in some email discussions in the Rio Olympics tickets. The police also showed some email copy in an e-mail to Evans asked, Hickey ticket thing, and told each other they can be used by you". "They frequently contact," responsible for investigating the case of Brazil police officer Alois Theo said Mr Falcone?. The police said, will continue to investigate the case and bank account information, to obtain the international money laundering group ticket. [general black? ] after being arrested, Hickey suspended its in Europe and the Irish Olympic Committee IOC position temporarily to succeed him as chairman of Irish Olympic Committee is William Obrien?. However, Brazil police said 23 days, they have mastered the e-mails show that Obrien may also be involved in scalping suspected. The Associated Press reported that Brazil police officer Falcon told the media after the news conference, "a lot of email content at the same time mentioned Patrick Hickey and William Obrien??". Brazil police had planned to detain Obrien before the end of the Olympic Games, but the police left Brazil one day before the operation. Falcon said that the Brazil police will seek cooperation with the Irish government, which requires the latter to provide assistance. In view of this ticket scandal, Brazil police have arrested THG company executives in Rio, and on the 21 morning searched the Rio Olympic Village office and the Irish delegation stayed in the hotel room, confiscated 3 Official passport, computer, mobile phone and seized many unused tickets for the Olympic games. The 3 officers were Irish Olympic Committee executive director Stephen? Martin, the Secretary General Mcdermott? Henihan and financial director Kevin Kiel pedicle?. Among them, Hnihan has been questioned by the police. Police said 23 days, because there is no evidence that he was involved in scalping, police.相关的主题文章: