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Environmental protection industry: industrial wastewater treatment Guotai Junan released in September 9th flowering trees environmental protection industry research report, report as follows: the introduction of this report: two ministries jointly issued a "water pollution control in key industries clean production technology promotion plan", will open the recent low concern of industrial wastewater treatment market, leading the industry will benefit. Abstract: events: two ministries and commissions jointly issued the "water pollution prevention and control key industries clean production technology implementation plan". The notice defines the responsibility of the three party. The main business: requirements for the implementation of cleaner production technology, reduce industrial added amount of water, water reuse rate increase, reduction of water pollutants, and strictly control and reduction of the total emissions of water pollutants, promote comprehensive discharge standards. With particular emphasis on the paper, printing and dyeing and other 11 key industries and the central enterprise group’s responsibility; third party institutions: the requirements of industry associations, research institutes and institutions of environmental comprehensive service providing technical guidance, technical support, technical services and information consulting, communication research and other services; the competent departments at all levels: the letter use of special funds, green credit and other channels, to meet the requirements of the project to give priority support. The introduction of the program will open the market of industrial wastewater treatment with low attention recently. The "plan" to eliminate the market for economic weak industrial enterprises in pollution control efforts in the cycle of doubt, clearly put forward the governance subject into 11 categories: sewage enterprises papermaking, food processing, leather, textiles, non-ferrous metals, fertilizer, pesticide, coking, electroplating, chemical raw medicine and dye pigment manufacturing and other industries, the emissions of water pollutants industry accounts for about 50% of all industrial fields, is the focus of prevention and control of industrial water pollution; the "plan" pointed out the green finance, special funds and other financing channels for industrial wastewater treatment, the burden of the cost side is expected to help reduce pollution of the Dongfeng green financial enterprises, as the main industrial pollution control funds clearing obstacles; the "plan" proposed 56 kinds of low permeability of the clean production technology, including papermaking white water recycling technology, comprehensive utilization of coking wastewater treatment deep Water treatment technology, technical advantages of industrial wastewater treatment will be highlighted. Recommended items. The most important industry leading companies originwater: Based on MBR membrane technology, the acquisition of Jiuan group, padded short board project; backed by CDB, have the advantage of financing ability. The second recommended small water equipment engineering company, recommended Tianjin membrane technology (suspension): backed by Tianjin University of Technology, deep membrane treatment technology; in the environmental industry fund, is expected to help the company’s business expansion; BOSCH Department: governance experts started in industrial wastewater, papermaking wastewater treatment; high elastic PPP under the theme, PPP order a large amount of nearly 15 of the market value; set by approved, the availability of forage for PPP single.

环保行业:工业废水治理老树开花 国泰君安9月9日发布环保行业研究报告,报告摘要如下:  本报告导读:两部委联合发文《水污染防治重点行业清洁生产技术推行方案》,将打开近期关注度较低的工业废水处理市场,行业龙头将受益。摘要:事件:两部委联合印发《水污染防治重点行业清洁生产技术推行方案》的通知。通知明确了三方主体责任。①企业主体:要求实施清洁生产技术改造,降低工业新增水用量,提高水重复利用率,减少水污染物产生,严格控制并削减行业水污染物排放总量,推动全面达标排放。其中尤其强调了造纸、印染等11 个重点行业和中央企业集团的责任;②第三方机构主体:即要求行业协会、科研院所和环境综合服务机构做好技术引导、技术支持、技术服务和信息咨询、交流研讨等服务;③主管部门:要求各级工信部利用专项基金、绿色信贷等通道,对符合条件的项目优先给予支持。《方案》的推出将将打开近期关注度较低的工业废水处理市场。①《方案》消弭市场对于经济弱周期中工业企业治污力度的疑虑,明确提出治理主体为11 类排污企业——造纸、食品加工、制革、纺织、有色金属、氮肥、农药、焦化、电镀、化学原料药和染料颜料制造等行业企业,上述行业的水污染物排放量约占全部工业的50%,是工业水污染防治的重点领域;②《方案》为工业废水治理指明了绿色金融、专项基金等融资渠道,有望借助绿色金融东风减轻企业治污的成本端负担,为工业主体治污扫清资金障碍;③《方案》提出了56 种较低渗透率的清洁生产技术,其中包括造纸业的白水循环综合利用技术、焦化废水深度处理等深度水处理技术,工业废水处理龙头的技术优势将得到凸显。推荐标的。①首推行业龙头公司碧水源:立足于MBR 膜技术优势,收购久安集团,补齐工程短板;背靠国开行,具备优势融资能力。②其次推荐中小类水务设备工程公司,推荐津膜科技(停牌):背靠天津工业大学,深耕膜法处理技术;涉足环境产业基金,有望助力公司的业务扩张;博世科:工业废水治理专家,起家于造纸行业废水处理;PPP 主题下的高弹性标的,PPP 订单体量大,达市值的近1 5;定增获批,为PPP 大单备足粮草。相关的主题文章: