Yuyao men adhere to 30 years of inheritance of firewood soybean milk sold thousands of bowls-乃々果花

Yuyao men adhere to 30 years, the inheritance of firewood soybean milk, sell a bowl of salted soybean milk, generally add soy sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, spicy paste and chopped green onion, two yuan a bowl. You can also add minced beef, chopped mutton, more luxurious". The hot soya milk is poured into the bowl from the top, and the sauce is quickly washed. Guests do not need to stir when they drink. Fried fritters with soy milk is a classic choice of guests. In 2007, the dry soybean milk of Dalin was selected as the intangible cultural heritage protection project of Yuyao; in 2010, it was selected as the intangible cultural heritage base of Ningbo. There are all kinds of honor plaques on the wall of the shop, and the pride of Dalin and his wife is the plaque of Ningbo intangible cultural heritage base. The flames licking, Soybean Milk slowly boiling, day daybreak. At this time, the town began to wake up, the residents came to the store, with a bowl of mellow firewood burning soybean milk, wake up a day of good appetite. The town residents used to eat a bowl of soybean milk in the morning and afternoon, and the peak of passenger flow was at three p.m., which made the couple busy every day. There are only two days to rest on New Year’s Eve and first day of the year. From the second year of the lunar year, you have to start working to meet the appetite of the town residents and their relatives and friends who come to visit the new year. A lot of people in Yuyao, Cixi and even the Ningbo area "chowhound" drive attracted tens of kilometers, to eat a bowl of firewood Soybean Milk, with a sense of satisfaction. The couple’s shop usually sells six hundred or seven hundred bowls of soybean milk a day, and even sells more than 1000 bowls a day at weekends. The couple invited many times in Zhejiang agricultural fair and other large-scale exhibitions of art show, every time is highly sought after "chowhound". My daughter grew up and learned by firewood Soybean Milk skill, is to drink Soybean Milk son-in-law and daughter to meet and go on marriage. Today, after her daughter and son-in-law graduated from University, she started a soybean milk shop in Yuyao, and her business is becoming more and more popular. This makes Dalin and Lin Jianfen’s husband feel gratified. "When we get old, we rest for a few years, and we go out and see the world. Later on, the soybean milk was raised by their young people!" "Dry," said Dalin hopefully.

余姚男子坚守30年传承柴烧豆浆 日卖千碗   咸豆浆一般加上酱油、醋、味精、辣糊和葱花,两元一碗。还可以加碎牛肉、碎羊肉,更显“奢华”。   滚烫的豆浆要从高处冲进碗里,将调料迅速冲匀。客人喝的时候,就不用再搅拌。   油条配豆浆是客人的经典选择。   2007年,干大林的朗霞柴烧豆浆被评选为余姚市非物质文化遗产保护项目;2010年,被评选为宁波市非物质文化遗产传承基地。小店的墙上挂着各类荣誉牌匾,最让干大林夫妻俩骄傲的就是宁波市非物质文化遗产传承基地这块牌匾。   火舌舔舐下,豆浆慢慢沸腾,天也蒙蒙亮了。这时,小镇开始苏醒,居民陆续来到店里,用一碗醇厚的柴烧豆浆唤醒一天的好胃口。   小镇居民习惯早上和下午来吃上一碗豆浆,下午三点多是客流高峰期,这让夫妻俩每天都忙得不可开交。一年里只有除夕和初一能休息两天。大年初二起,就得开始忙活,满足小镇居民以及他们前来拜年的亲友们的胃口。   不少余姚市民,甚至慈溪乃至宁波市区的“吃货”慕名驱车几十公里,来吃上一碗柴烧豆浆后,带着满足感离去。   夫妻俩的小店平时一天就要卖出六七百碗豆浆,周末时一天甚至要卖出一千多碗。夫妻俩多次受邀在浙江农博会等大型展会上进行技艺展示,每次都是备受“吃货”追捧。   女儿从小耳目濡染,早就学会了柴烧豆浆的技艺,女婿也是来店里喝豆浆和女儿结识并走上婚姻殿堂的。如今,女儿、女婿大学毕业后,在余姚市里创业开了一家豆浆店,生意也日渐火爆,这让干大林、林建芬夫妇倍感欣慰。   “我们年纪大了,再干几年就休息,出门看看世界。以后朗霞柴烧豆浆,就靠他们年轻人来发扬光大喽!”干大林满怀希望地说道。相关的主题文章: