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Outdoors Mauritius has been sung by poets, painters, writers and sundry visitors ever since man landed on the island. The most quoted compliment comes from Mark twain, the famous America author, who wrote in 1897: You gather the idea that Mauritius was made first, And then Heaven, And that Heaven was copied after Mauritius. Sea-Sun- Sand still remain the three presiding Ss of Mauritian tourism and the countrys major drawing card. Mauritius is ideally separated over four coastal regions and has various resorts and hotels located on the North Coast, The East Coast, the South Coast and The West coast. Mauritius is famous for its hospitality and many hotels and resorts ranging from 1 star to 5 stars can be found in abundance in the island of Mauritius. Panache Holidays , a smart travel company provides informative services on pricing, accommodation and booking facility for hotels and car rentals across Mauritius. We offer a variety of tour packages and services ranging from conceptualizing a trip on our website and offering the same at competitive prices. Our expertise in Mauritius Tourism will surely benefit you in deciding you trip. As one of the largest consolidator of hotels across Mauritius, Panache provides room-booking facility in all category hotels across Mauritius. The prices are highly competitive and booking rates are available at the lowest rates in real time. Panache provides numerous of unique and customized holiday packages to its customers that include best deals and rates across Mauritius. Mauritius is in truth a garden of a thousand contrasts all the more remarkable in so small a place. Panache Holidays provides the nature lover an overwhelming experience of the islands haunting beauty. Panacheholidays is one of the largest consolidator of hotels and resorts in Mauritius and provides you with online booking facilities on its website. Our services range from booking of hotels and resorts for individuals, families and one of our specialities is Honeymoon Packages in Mauritius. Some of the finest Mauritius resorts can be found on our website. Mauritius resorts offer you lagoons fading from green to blue, ringed by the white surf of coral reefs, with the cobalt blue of the open sea beyond. Mauritius hotels which are offered by Panache Holidays are favoured resorts with a combination of magnificent mountain and sea sceneries that makes the Mauritian hotels nothing short of being magical. Panache Holidays offers exceptional possibilities for all types of water sports and sightseeing activities. Panacheholidays presents online booking of Hotels and Resort in Mauritius, select Mauritius hotels at the affordable price on panache holidays to make your enjoyable holidays in Mauritius. Mauritius hotels and resorts offer a comprehensive range of activities on, in and under water such as snorkelling, parasailing, deep sea fishing and kayak trips to name a few. Panache Holidays offers you a to join us on an organised tour to some of shimmering islets that surround Mauritius or cruise along the coast in a Catamaran and admire the islands pristine beauty from the sea. For more information on Mauritius Hotels and Resorts please visit .panacheholidays.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: