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Health As a practicing bodyworker you are required to .plete CE requirements. They are an important aspect of your profession. There is a place in bodywork continuing education for both distance learning and hands on workshops. We have some of the finest teachers in the worldout there, accessible in many areas of the country. Do not ignore this important aspect of your education. Each haslike importance in fully understanding and learning manual therapy. There are some advantages to Home Study, and some important courses for manual therapists out there that make it very easy to maintain your CE certification and education while making it a convenient experience. When you consider a choice between workshops and home study courses for your CEUs, you may consider these benefits when this type of program to your continuing education. Expense: If you live far from a convenient workshop, you may have to consider the time and expense of travel and the high gas or airline prices. Often, not only do you have to pay for transportation, but also hotels and food. With a course that you can do from your home that is not an issue. Our courses also offer user-friendly multiple choice online testing. Learn at your own pace. The live classes may not be scheduled at a convenient time for your hectic life. Home study programs can be taken at yourown speed in the .fort of your home, anytime. Build your bodywork library: I personally have a large library of Massage Therapy education DVDs and textbooks, which I refer to often. Each time I watch them I pick up a new system or idea from those leaders. Even when you .plete a course, you will always have those references for your future knowledge. "Advanced Myoskeletal Techniques is a visual learners delight with over three hundred vibrant 3-D anatomy illustrations, human dissection graphics, and photos of Dalton performing each technique. Structurally oriented pain management can be clumsy and time consuming when performed in a typical setting with client draped. Dalton demystifies structural massage bodywork leaving the practitioner with a simple, step-by-step formula for correcting head, neck, visceral, and chronic back pain problems." Aaron Mattes, MS, LMT Author, Active Isolated Stretching There are unique and equally important advantages to both types of certification education. I would re.mend that you take advantage of both. Each has its place in your ongoing training. Currently there are two top selling NCBTMB approved home study courses for massage therapists from the Freedom from Pain Institute. These detailed courses offer pain management techniques for finding and fixing chronic postural pain problems through innovative deep-tissue, joint-stretching and postural therapeutic routines that will elevate your clients to a new level of health. Upon .pletion you will receive a beautiful Certified Myoskeletal Therapist Diploma. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: