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Team-Building Many organizations prefer teams to .plete certain projects or assignments that are difficult to be handled by a single employee. When the project is under a team, it is certain to reach the pinnacle. Group projects are of standard quality and flawless, since teams usually employ the method of "brainstorming". Such method gives rise to new and variety of unique ideas. Therefore, developing an effective team is essential for the growth and success of any .pany. ".ing together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success" – Henry Ford In the process of planning activities for a team, be clear about the aims and objectives. Enjoying a day playing games, going for a team lunch, or investing just on fun games will not produce a .plete result. Therefore, .panies should also focus on work related games and activities. Organizing such events frequently would prove advantageous and develop team spirit among the employees, thereby achieving the set goals. Why team-building programs are vital for .panies? With the corporate environment turning progressively .petitive, where performance and output decides the fate of the .pany and its employees, it is necessary to motivate the employees. Usually, it is the team effort that ultimately decides the success and the failure of a project. Team building activities are arranged in the workplace to encourage open .munication among employees, and push them to work in a team towards the achievement of the shared objectives. Team building v/s training: Many .panies judge both team building and training on the same parameter. In fact, there exists a difference between the two. However, team building must not be confused with training. Team building programs for the organization are conducted in a casual environment and an informal way to motivate employees in the successful ac.plishment of realistic goals. On the contrary, training is conducted in a formal environment inculcating skills or knowledge among the group or an individual. Team Leadership: Team leadership and team building go hand in hand. A successful leader is like a potter whose work is to mold a fragmented work environment into a cohesive one. The job of the leader is to encourage teammates and inculcate: Positive thinking Be there for them Be honest with them and should not make bias decisions Keep boosting their morale and confidence Team members should always praise others performance and be open to take challenges and learn new things. "A group be.es a team when each member is sure enough of himself and his contribution to praise the skill of the others" – Norman Hidle 相关的主题文章: