Reasons For Bryn Mawr College-若槻ゆうか

College-University Bryn Mawr College has many different things to offer. There are a number of different classes and activities and sports for students to participate in. The campus also is home to the Katharine Houghton Hepburn Center. This centers goals are to enrich the .munity and honor those who do their civic duty. Truly it is a place for the enrichment of all sorts of different people. Bryn Mawr College offers many classes. This is great for students for many reasons. Students starting out do not often know exactly what they want to major in. By having a diverse amount of classes a student can try out many different subjects and see what he or she would like. Students can then choose to major in many different subjects. Also, by offering many different kinds of classes, Bryn Mawr College allows students who have chosen a specific area of study to experience many different other subjects. What could be better for a student than diversifying his or her portfolio? Mathematics major for instance has a very set class list that he or she must take to finish his or her degree program. By offering many different classes a student can find the electives that suit him or her. Along with a rich amount of classes there are also a number of activities at Bryn Mawr College that any student would find fun and interesting. There are a number of activities throughout the school year that a student can take part in. There are events like off campus trips. There are also film showings and other social events aimed at building the .munity and bringing students closer together. There is also a student government to take part in. There are also many clubs and event sports teams that students can join. Ports teams can be a great way for students to .e together and form bonds while building loyalty to the school. Bryn Mawr College has ac.plished track and basketball. Bryn Mawr College also has a very ac.plished womens center, the Catharine Houghton Hepbourn Center. The center is dedicated to helping young women to reach their full potential. There is even a medal awarded for women who have shown exceptional intelligence and motivation. This is an award that is highly sought after by people who are interested in honoring their civic duty. Honoring public murals, the award has recently been given to Jane Golden. Through the Catharine Houghton Hepbourn Center at Bryn Mawr College there are also internships available. There are three areas that students can choose from, theater, health, and civic engagement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: