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Travel-and-Leisure XING is one of the biggest professional networks in Europe, with over seven million members. Smart travellers can now connect their Dopplr account to XING, to get more from both. Anyone whose work involves frequent business travel will appreciate the connection between the two services. XING is all about managing relationships in a business context. It is a useful way of finding new contacts, sourcing business opportunities, finding employees, and even getting a new job. XING knows the skills and experience that every member can offer, and helps its members find connections that they might otherwise have missed. Dopplr does a similar thing for travel planning. Dopplrs smart travellers have their own ideas about the travel advice that might be useful for them, and because they travel frequently, they find it useful to know where their friends and business colleagues are going to be. Dopplr spots those easily-missed co-incidences where two or more people will be in roughly the same place at roughly the same time. It alerts travellers to the co-incidences and helps them get in touch at the right moment. Dopplr travellers also submit their recommended places to eat, stay and explore to the Social Atlas a new kind of guidebook compiled and curated by the people who use it. By connecting a Dopplr account to a XING account, anyone can now get the benefit of Dopplrs smart travel tips while staying in touch with their XING contacts. Set up only takes a few clicks, but once done it gives your XING account an extra boost. Dopplr can see which of your XING contacts are also Dopplr travellers, and highlight any co-incidences when you and they will be passing one another. It also displays a Dopplr badge on your XING canvas and profile view, which displays your current and planned trips, as well as a list of recommendations and travel tips from the Social Atlas. Business travel has changed a great deal in recent years, thanks to the innovations weve seen appearing online. Dopplrs ability to connect to external services and open up data is an important part of its design ethos. The Social Atlas is the next step forward, opening up travel planning and travel advice to everyone who actually travels. Theres no need for people to depend on the word of a single travel writer any more; now they can depend on the travel tips gathered en route by their friends, colleagues, and fellow travellers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: