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Arts-and-Entertainment Every time there is an occasion or party happening in our homes or offices, there will be that one person in charge of taking pictures and videos. This is because we enjoy looking back at the pictures and reliving those moments of joy that happened in our lives. Photography is the art of taking still pictures and freezing the moment whereas videography or video production is all about shooting a series of events as they happen, in continuum taking the help of a team of people. There are some who take up video production as a hobby and others who make a living of it. They basically cater to the needs of their customer and provide them with a final output that satisfies their needs. The videos made could be of a family event or a corporate presentation. Sometimes it could be a sort of a documentary about safety precautions that can be shown to children on what to do in case of emergencies. Anything that will show the process or show in progress as it is is a video. Video Production .pany is one who handles large scale video projects for various clients. They will have a discussion with their client to understand their requirement, then create a script, put together a production team and get the video rolled out. Each person in the team will have an assigned role and a part to play in making sure the output is perfect. Some of the other people who will be involved in this would be the cameraman, music .poser or creator, and make up artists. The video production team will create the video which will then get edited, and music will be added to the same to give it a feel or add to the message being shown. Off late plenty of corporates have begun using video production .panies to create motion pictures and videos for training and teaching purposes in their campus. And incase the client is not happy, and then the video .pany will rework on the pitch. If it is wedding videos, then the team will be present at the venue through the event shooting videos which will be .piled and handed over in a couple of days. Video production is fast catching up and pretty soon there will be inter. streaming videos available for users across the world. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: