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Book-Marketing Lori wick is a famous Christian fiction author. She used to write books about the .bination of present day and historical based novels, but most of her novels are romantic novels. Lori wick books are mostly published by the harvest house. More than twenty books of her are the best selling books. Some of her popular line includes Yellow Rose Trilogy, series of Rocky Mountain Memories, The Princess, Pretense, and also Bamboo and Lace. Nearly 18 romantic novels were written by the Lori wick, and also written about American west, Victorian England, and contemporary life. First novel of Lori wick was published by the harvest house in 1989. Every year, she used to publish two books and present year, she is going to publish her eighteenth book. Lori wick family: Lori wick balances her family responsibilities with her writing time excellently. Actually, she has three daughters whose, age ranges between eight and fourteen. Bob, wick’s husband, who provides more support to her for publishing and writing books. In fact, writing career of wick was encouraged only by the bob. After a decade, she started to write again and she dedicated her all 18 novels to her supportive husband bob. In 1988, Lori wick started to write and in 1989, because of bob’s enthusiasm, she published her first book named "A Place Called Home" by the harvest house. Since from 1989, she started to write more number of books continuously and most of her books be.e more popular. Due to her excellent story writing talent, she has been considered as a finalist for Gold Medallion fiction award. Till now, more than 1 and half million novels copies collection of her books sold out. Lori wick collections: Some of the Lori wick collections are follows. Her series of place called home include Place Called Home, Long Road Home, Gathering of Memories and Song for Silas. Her California series include Whatever Tomorrow Brings, Sean Donovan, Donovan’s Daughter and As Time Goes By. Some of her Kensington Chronicles series include The Hawk and the Jewel, The Knight and the Dove, and more. Some of her rocky mountain memories Series include Whispers of Moonlight, and Promise Me Tomorrow. Yellow rose trilogy includes A Texas Sky, City Girl and more. English garden series include The Proposal, The Visitor, The Pursuit and The Rescue. All these books were be.e more popular among the customers. You can get the collection of Lori wick through online. There are numerous sites offering Lori wick collection for her numerous fans. You just need to do some researches to get the favorite book that you are searching for. Recent Books; Lori wick is continuously writing large collection of books. Some of her recent works include English Garden series, Bamboo & Lace, and Kirby the Disgruntled Tree. Series of English Garden is her new project consists of three books such as The Rescue, The Proposal, and The Visitor and the Pursuit, fourth installment, featuring Nicola Bettencourt and Edward Steele. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: