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Loans Six Steps To The Best Car Loan For You With the online car loan calculator, you don’t have to worry about juggling figures or consulting an expert to get you the best auto finance for your new car. The process of finding the best car loan deal was never simpler. The car loan calculator does the entire math; you only have to key in a few basic data. Here is a step-by-step account of how you can use this handy online tool to find the right car loan. 1.Get a few facts first, namely the cost of the car you are planning to buy, the amount of time you think you’ll take to pay back the loan, and the current market interest rate. 2.Most auto loan companies provide their own online car loan calculator. You can make use of this facility from the car finance company’s website, just log on to the site and zoom in on the car loan calculator. 3.Enter the variables asked for. Click on the calculate auto loan button and in seconds, it will return the figures you are looking for: the monthly installments and total cost of the loan. 4.Change the figures and juggle around to compare costs for different cars, at various rates of interest or different payback periods. That way, you can see which combination suits you best. 5.Online car loan calculator let you compare the different offers and choose the one that suits you best in terms of cost and payback time. 6.Once you have the info, you can even negotiate with other vehicle loan lenders, since you already have quotes to use as a baseline. This way you can even lower the cost of the loan. Using The Auto Loan Company’s Website Calculator You can find an online car loan calculator provided free of cost on most auto finance companies’ websites. However, you should use them as a guiding tool rather than the final word. Often, there are hidden extra costs that are not factored in when the estimates of cost and term are calculated by the loan provider’s calculator. So remember to keep a margin for these extra costs in your calculations. The online car loan calculator is a useful tool for someone looking out for the best car loans. It not only makes all those calculations a matter of a few clicks, it also helps you make a well-reasoned out decision, on which auto finance package to go for. That way, you do not have to end up paying more than you can afford and you are assured of the best terms. If you want more info on items like late or skipped payments as well as lump sum payments, you may have to upgrade to a more advanced car loan calculator for a fee. However, the basic information you get is also quite sufficient to help you get a good car loan deal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: