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UnCategorized The Brandy Alexander is a sweet drink made by shaking Cognac and creme de cacao over ice. After pouring the drink in a cocktail glass, you garnish it with nutmeg. People who like their drinks in the sweet side will enjoy this. It was a popular drink back in the 1920’s and 1930’s. How the drink got its name is widely disputed. There are several claims as to the names origin. Some people say that the Russian tsar Alexander II inspired the name. Other people have made the claim that the name was derived after a drama critic, Alexander Woollcott. I remember listening to stories that my grandparents would tell about their social life back in the roaring 20’s and the 30’s. My grandmother and her sisters would go out on the town, dancing the night away. Their favorite drink at the time was the Brandy Alexander. This was my father’s side of the family and they did not have a lot of money. The girls would go out to the dance halls and let whatever men they danced with buy their drinks. Times really have not changed much. My mothers’ side of the family was quite wealthy. They would take a train every Saturday in the fall to South Bend, IN to see Notre Dame play football. The train ride consisted of drinking Brandy Alexander’s and playing cards. It must have been just like a scene in an old movie. I remember when I first became legally of age to drink. A group of friends and me started having a mixed drink night. Once a week we would gather in my basement and listen to music while playing cards. One person would be in charge of finding a new cocktail that none of us had consumed before. It was a fun and adventurous time for our group. One of the drinks that we tried was the Brandy Alexander. I remember that all of the girls loved it. They were into sweeter drinks. The men of the group were split about the drink. Some of us liked the drink and others thought it was okay. Nobody turned down a second drink. I can see the Brandy Alexander making a comeback. Many people like drinks that have a sweetness to there taste. If you look at the Martini, it has made a huge comeback. History has a tendency of repeating itself. The Brandy Alexander shall roar again just as it did back in the 1920’s. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: