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For a long time, the concept of A shares in October 28th industry funds trend of A shares in October 28th half the movement of funds: the brokerage trust sector the main net inflows topped the highway sector the main net outflow in October 28th topped the card network as of midday, the industry index of 3 plate in the main net inflow of funds, brokerage trust, banking, insurance sector capital inflows in the main, respectively the net inflow of 801 million yuan, 655 million yuan, 96 million yuan. There are 8 main sectors of the net outflow of funds, including highways, telecommunications operators, civil aviation airport plate main outflow of funds, respectively, the main net outflow of $40 million, $33 million, $33 million. The name of the main net inflows price (million) the main net inflow rate of bank insurance brokerage trust 1.27%8.013.87% 0.28%6.558.82% 1.08%0.966.59% name price main net outflow (billion) net outflow rate of the main highway -0.37%0.408.73% Telecom -0.62%0.334.77% Airport -0.07%0.334.88% noble metal 0.13%0.120.75% technology products 0.92%0.093.77%相关的主题文章: