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A new round of policies to boost demand for charging pile tide coming 7 leading stock market suction gold more than billion Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my "reporter Qiao Chuanchuan according to the GOV.cn show you, the national development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Bureau, Ministry of industry and information technology and the Ministry of housing and urban construction and other four departments jointly released the 12" on the residential electric vehicle charging infrastructure construction notice "(hereinafter referred to as the" notice "), in order to promote the settlement of residential electric vehicle charging problem, and proposed batch pilot demonstration in Beijing Tianjin Hebei Shandong, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other key city. Notice clearly, according to the "appropriate" principle, combined with the power supply enterprises to actively promote the transformation of the old district, electrification of existing residential parking spaces, residential areas to meet the demand for electricity charging infrastructure. For special fixed parking spaces (including more than one year lease period parking spaces), according to the "one table and one parking" mode for supporting power supply facilities renovation, each parking space allocation of the appropriate capacity of electric energy meter. For public parking spaces, should be combined with the actual situation of the district and the electric vehicle users demand for electricity, carry out the transformation of supporting power supply facilities, the rational allocation of power supply capacity. The notice proposed in new residential areas, infrastructure construction, new residential areas should be unified power line laying to special fixed parking spaces (or reserved laying conditions), reserved for the meter box, charging facilities installation and electricity capacity, and establishing the public parking facilities construction scheme of power supply. In this regard, the state securities, said the first half of the scale of the construction of charging pile is lower than expected, the second half will be significantly faster. In the first half of this year, the national grid and the southern power grid for charging piles of a total of about 1 billion 500 million yuan, the total amount of the whole society is expected to recruit about $3 billion 500 million to $4 billion 500 million, lower than market expectations. The main reason is that the charging pile operation profit is difficult, lack of the construction of the tender subject initiative; reason and profit difficulties including profitability single source (only charge service fees), electric vehicle quantity shortage, charging pile high vacancy rates and subsidies is difficult to recover. However, with the strong support of the country’s support policies, these issues are expected to gradually ease. With the arrival of the second half of the national network of third batches of tender and favorable policies continue to release, a new round of demand for charging piles will come, the plate will return to hot spots. Stock selection, Guolian Securities said, charging pile of high margin products, significantly thickening equipment manufacturers profit, concerned about the proposed two types of enterprises, the first category is the core technology of the module with charging standards, such as electric and communication technology; second kinds of high elastic performance of the enterprise, such as rolls of electrical etc.. But in the long run, the growth of the charge carriers is more prominent, the forerunner of North Pakistan media recommended B2B mode, B2C mode and the potential operator of Nanjing public tgood etc.. Market performance, in the 47 listed transactions charging pile stocks, 36 stocks in the stock price this year fell in varying degrees, of which 19 stocks underperformed the broader market over the same period (stock index has fallen 14.57% this year); and tgood, aotexun, XJ electric and on相关的主题文章: