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[Adelaide | wine through the air here] – tourism Sohu poet Rumi says give me more Wine, or let me alone. And Adelaide, the city of South Australia, there can be intoxicating wine, there are people who can be quiet here in a daze. Adelaide, the capital of Commonwealth of Australia, (Adelaide) is the largest city in Nan’ao. There are a lot of ways to get to the city, you can choose to take a plane, or from Melbourne, along the Limestone Coast (Limestone Coast) from the Great Ocean Road to come over, but also like me, choose the side of the cruise. When the ship docked in Adelaide harbor, heard the sound of music, I know that the city will be very happy. Distance from the port of Adelaide to the city, about a dozen kilometers, traffic can choose the railway or bus. We booked the car in advance, so we drove to. The first station chose to go to lavender manor, perhaps the reason for the season, and did not see a large area of blooming purple. It is good weather makes people have the mood, sit down and drink a cup of tea, it is good for a while. When I came here is the end of March, if earlier, you can see the purple lavender world. Australia Lavender season lasts from November to March, florescence is long, love lavender according to bloom, here to look for the purple romantic. Adelaide is also a place because of water conservancy construction, and become a landscape of the place, is the echo wall. The echo wall, which is built in the middle of the two mountains, is designed to resist the pressure of water. And this is the shape of the arch shape of the building, with a special echo effect. We went to both sides, and then to speak, actually heard very clearly, the world is really wonderful. At noon, arrived at the town of Gawler Ryder (Gawler), then lunch here. We went to the store, very local characteristics, like the theme of our domestic fans meal, but this is football. In the bar area of the store, there were a lot of people watching the game. The dining area of food, is the local characteristics of stone beef. The words of Australian beef did not have to say, and is a must. This way to eat beef, a lot of similar, but there are different, eat up very lively, full of temperature. Ha ha ha, especially I like the atmosphere of this bar. After the local food products, it is necessary to taste the wine here. It’s too tempting for me to drink a glass of red wine. As a Portuguese相关的主题文章: