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Book-Marketing n n deny tht th Count f Monte Cristo b Alexandre Dumas s n f th greatest literary works vr created. n th modern day, n anonymous writer calling hmslf h Holy Ghost writer hs re-awakened th Dumas’ amazing work b writing sequels fr th th books. n ths article w will lk t th th book "ht Girl Started r wn Country", whh s th frst book n th sequels t th Count f Monte Cristo written b th Holy Ghost Writer. In ths sequel t Alexandre Dumas’ h Count f Monte Cristo, w follow Zaydee s sh pursues th n man t capture hr heart: journalist Steven Larson. Contrary t wht u mght thnk, ths sequel s tull set n modern day America, nd hs mn similarities nd relationships wth Dumas’ original works. n ths book: Zaydee hs lrd gn thrugh qut n odyssey, hvng rvusl bn mistaken fr serial killer, going toe-to-toe gnst th Bilderbergers, nd bedded bevy f conquests, male nd female. Zaydee leads very interesting life: she disguises hrslf s royal princess t tk th Bilderbergers n nd gifts multi-million dollar mansions t th love f hr life. w, wth seemingly endless supply f money and hacking devices t hr disposal, Zaydee s going t d hr best t k Larson safe whl feeding hm secrets tht uld lead t th biggest breakthrough n hs career thus fr. hs book takes sm inspiration frm Stieg Larsson’s h Girl: Millenium series. wvr, t s nt rt f ths series f books, nd plays ff f mn f th sm themes. Holy Ghost Writer, th author f ths book, donates portion f th proceeds t Larsson’s .mon-law wife. This book explores th wheelings nd dealings f th elites, th .plications f sexuality nd th nature f oppression. t uld b sd tht th narrative paradigm subverts th convention tht "sexuality s fundamentally elitist," s Debord ss. hus, th genre, nd subsequent economy, f female empowerment emerges gn n ht Girl Started r wn Country. Gadget lovers will ls find tht Zaydee uss mn interesting devices, suh s sunglasses, controlled b mag.ic tongue piercing. hrughut ht Girl Started r wn Country, Zaydee thwarts th designs f vr powerful men. hs book suggests tht female power serves t disempower th overprivileged. It’s n enjoyable romp thrugh th wrld tht uld b, r th wrld tht s better thn th n w hv now. The plot m smtms b bit difficult t follow. fund tht th narrative skipped rund bit n sm places. wvr, f u hv lrd read h Sultan f Monte Cristo, u will find tht ths book continues sm f ths sm themes. If prepatriarchial theory holds, w hv t choose btwn realism nd societal deconstruction. hs book s thrilling example f hw w n choose bth t th sm time. The book s action-packed n ls rll short t ust 181 gs. f u lk thrillers, suspense, Stieg Larsson, h Count f Monte Cristo, hackers, mysteries, r nthng that’s cool, u m wnt t check ut ths book. hs trul s re-awakening f Dumas’ great work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: