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And meet friends to Mount Emei jumping? Hunan 90 students missing 4 days – Beijing, November 14th, is the fourth day of missing Hunan Vocational College of Commerce sophomore Mike’s family, through its social software chat, Li and friends to go to Mount Emei in November 12th from. 14, the Chengdu Daily reporter from the Mount Emei scenic area police was informed that, as of now, has not yet found any clues of Li scenic area. Family revealed: he was a little depressed in the evening of November 10th 18 am, this year, the age of 20, Mike left the dormitory alone, and out of the campus, then lost contact. Xiao Li’s mother to call her son, also has been unable to connect. After receiving the help of the Li family, teachers and students around the search, there is no progress. The family issued a missing person, Mike QQ last "goodbye, dynamic display of the world." According to the law Changsha television channel reported that everyone anxiously looking for Mike’s process, Mike’s cousin Mr. Luo logged cousin QQ, found cousin joined a meet Dutch act from inside the QQ group, chat, group of people have the idea of suicide, and we also agreed to go to Mount Emei jumping group in November 12th. Luo told reporters that after the login Mike QQ, he found his cousin and two friends (screen name smile and rain on the rain) is very close contact. Three people created a QQ group chat, the basic content and related to suicide. Xiao Li mother revealed that Li did not test the entrance examination results, the gap between the ideal and the reality is too large, took him to see a psychiatrist, took measures, but still a little depressed. No clue is to find Li and friends meet in November 12th day, worried that Mike had an accident, the family and the school day went to Sichuan, and the alarm to the police in Mount Emei scenic spot. At the same time, Xiao Li’s cousin is also trying to contact his brother’s two friends, hoping to get to know the whereabouts of Mike, but did not respond. In November 14th, the Chengdu Daily reporter from the Mount Emei scenic area police was informed that the 12 Li’s family had been reported, the spot has launched the whole mountain police station and the management staff to find, but as of now, has not yet found any clues of li. It is understood that Mike missing that day wearing a blue hooded sweater, wearing jeans, height 172 cm, weight 120 kg. If there is insider or discoverer, contact the Chengdu Daily News Hotline in Leshan. Chengdu Daily reporter Gu Aigang original title: Hunan 90 students missing 4 days and meet friends jumping to Mount Emei?相关的主题文章: