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Advertising Are you sticky? Social Media Strategy for Business By Clint Maki, Infinite Press I get asked one question a lot by people in regards to Social Media Marketing. “What do I Blog about?” The answer is fairly easy. Is there something about you that "sticks" with people? Blog about whatever makes you unusual or memorable. Blog about whatever fuels your passion and gets you excited. What is it that you like to talk about the most? Celebrities know ONE fact: If you want to play BIG then DON’T try to fit in…Stand out. Be unusual. Be audacious. Your unique spirit will be your calling card. When you build your name through Social Media Branding, you MUST make yourself STICKY. The single most .mon mistake business owners make is that they try to be just like their .petitors. In your niche you MUST define why you are different and therefore BETTER. People instinctively desire to be different. They also crave to associate with anything scarce or new. Give that to them in abundance and they will NEVER leave you as a customer. I have made a lifetime career of this strategy. It’s a state of mind that is counter-intuitive, but in the long rung VERY productive Most people will however die with their music still inside them. What a shame that, for the sake of fitting in or for fear of being criticized, most people will cower in fear and live a life of quiet desperation. But not you! The fact that you have read thus far proves your desire to step up and stand out. Bring out what is good and worthy and show it to the world. Your gifts and talents CAN change the world, but YOU need to bring them into the light. So, as you build those Facebook, YouTube and Blog platforms, remember that you are an original. Paint that picture and tell that story YOUR way. You will attract more people just like you and the rest of the people on the pla. just wont notice. It’s better that way. I have been told that I am memorable (sticky). Good or bad, it’s true. I am definitely STICKY. I hope you are too. Clint Maki is a Social Marketing Expert specializing in Branding and Customer Loyalty Clint is President of Infinite Press Inc and Director of Social Media Services at Katapult Enterprises. For additional information about branding and promoting your businesses online got to About the Author: 相关的主题文章: