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Baby three years, I decided to give up the praise education"! Sohu mother on Saturday in the subway, I saw a four year old mother with children watching cartoons on the mobile phone, while writhing. See happy, he was wearing shoes to stand on the seat, dancing, a slap in the face on the passenger side. The passenger next to some unhappy, moved to the next move. The mother has not had to face, softly said: "baby, come down, you see, to the aunt." But the baby but shake his arm and said: "I do not! I don’t!" at this time, the whole car’s eyes are quietly gathered here, to see the mother next to how to deal with. The mother has just been said softly: "don’t just sit down, it is a good baby." In this way, the two station, the mother did not work, and had to make a child from the. See the mother ignored him, he pouted "hum" a, sit down, grabbed her mobile phone to play the game. Then, my mother turned and touched the child’s head, some artificial said: "it is really good ~ ~! Baby, do it!" the mother’s facial expressions and tone, that she is not sincerely praise the child "rectifies the hell", but this kind of deliberately said the. Because she probably and I believe that the same: good children are exaggerated. Once upon a time, I was also a "praise education" of "diehard powder". In my childhood, my mother was very strict with me, and I almost never heard her say that she praised me. A "well, good for me is a great reward, and once I what was wrong, she will lead to severe and long criticized me because once the school forgot the pencil box, the mother had been criticized. One night, the final was evaluated as" lost three fall four, embarrassed big". I admit, the mother’s mind is good, "I want a long memory". But the side effects of this kind of education is obvious, I started to become shilly-shally, timid, unable to make their own decisions almost preoccupied by some troubles, because they always feel behind, there is a voice said: do not come to see me messed up…… Later, I spent a few years to do psychological adjustment, so that this situation eased a little. Until I had the baby, I decided not to let the baby to stick with the "praise education" to guide the child’s behavior. "Praise education" is effective, when the baby just turn over, I will cheer for her, so she is willing to do some body; when the baby began to crawl on their hands and knees, I put a pile of toys on the bed, to encourage her to get a hand…… We often play so awfully. However, this method is a problem in the first half of the baby when the age of one year old, the baby began to throw things. At first, I bought some balls, blocks, and let the baby throw, but soon she was not satisfied. One day, she suddenly saw the remote control on the sofa, then hand brought, suddenly thrown out. Hear the remote control "the" fall to the ground voice, i.相关的主题文章: