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Basking in the sun to eat barbecue, Chengdu suburbs so play the most hi! The most comfortable holiday tourism – Sohu is especially good weather, holidays will soon be finished, with Buddy go to the suburbs to the sun, these places to eat barbecue, playing mahjong, good board! 1, Longquan Baigong weir Baigong weir Park really is very suitable for barbecue tata! Many farmers in Ledu to provide barbecue utensils, carbon and stuff, you can bring your own food. The barbecue area on the hillside, open space, completely without fear of choking fumes! I can also barbecue camping, boating, horseback riding, fishing, no tickets, of course, more broad to playing mahjong at the farmhouse, very suitable for the whole family, old and young to go for an outing ~ cost: 50 yuan reference barbecue equipment, barbecue 10-20 yuan car route: Chengdu Beltway – loop – Park Road – Baigong weir Park 2, San San Zhen Huang Ni Gou Zhen Huang Ni Gou in Chongzhou, the top two beauty nearby: Chongzhou Mu Sakura base and "China most beautiful country road Chongzhou, Chongqing road. Although there is no cherry blossoms, but you can go mountain climbing. Huangnigou Cui Daweishan behind is Fengmingshan, two mountain valley called Huang Ni Gou, not only suitable for mountain climbing, is very suitable for barbecue and camping! Cost: free reference, barbecue tools and food with their own self driving route: Chengdu Chengwenqiong speed – Whitehead export – Chongqing road 3, Yongan Shuangliu Seizaburo town of Yongan reservoir reservoir here the air is very good, the way the past is a green, wash your eyes, wash quite well in the sky in the day, enjoy the breeze in the reservoir on the edge, very comfortable! Go here must take the fishing rod and bait fishing, sitting at the edge of the reservoir, the sun, the taste is not too cool! Finally, with friends in this farmhouse full disk barbecue, drink beer, say a joke, is to enjoy! Cost: 50 yuan rent table with reference to charcoal grill, plus 30 yuan, dish free parking car route: Chengdu Tianfu Avenue – Jiannan Avenue – Yongan town – Yongan, Qionglai Zhuxi Lake Reservoir 4 Zhuxi lake is an artificial reservoir, the lake like mirror, such as the mountain brow. Here is the provincial unit of the Tang Dynasty temple to protect cultural relics, such as statues of flowers, very worth a visit! In the Zhuxi lake bridge sits above a cool breeze blowing ha, then by boat across the mountain climbing, can also burn incense, fishing in the lake, a barbecue, fish here Hot pot taste is quite comfortable, they must not miss chowhound! Cost: tickets are 10 yuan, barbecue, fishing, barbecue with self driving route: Chengdu Chengwenqiong Expressway – Qionglai – Baihe Town, turn right 5, Wenjiang Lake – Zhuxi river river dam has many official official, just to find a dam will be open to the whole, where is where. But nobody, who is going to make money! There are a lot of Jinma River dam river, just to find a dam can be open, in which you want to put the place where, but nobody, who is going to make money! Cost reference: free, barbecue tools and food to bring their own相关的主题文章: