Beijing Animation Festival opening next month Guangyu bring its products exhibition mmc.exe

Beijing Animation Festival opening next month Guangyu bring its products exhibition Intro: the eighteenth China (Beijing) Chinese cartoon Carnival IDO will be opening next month. Guangyu game to build two dimension of brand culture, to achieve the strategic goal of Pan entertainment, will join the expo. Then, a variety of products Guangyu’s game will meet with you at the exhibition. To create the official cos Guangyu group will also bring massive fine Hao Li attend the exhibition, and intimate interactive game player. It is reported that the game more Guangyu will invite heavyweight guests visit the mysterious Guangyu booth, more information please look forward to subsequent reports. Asked China (Beijing) cartoon Carnival IDO, is one of the most abundant and the largest and most influential, the most popular content, comprehensive animation and game development, large-scale cultural exhibition is supported by the state. Guangyu game attaches great importance to the two dimensions of brand culture concept, so join the most powerful IDO exhibition, a close cooperation with many two dimensional large coffee, watch the two dimension core audience, and strive for the majority of enthusiasts to create a two dimension of the most popular Carnival feast. The exclusive two dimensional enthusiasts Carnival feast in diffuse exhibition site, Guangyu game’s ten classic masterpiece, free round king "asked" also appeared on the scene. "Asked" the heat has been high since the beta, and the "ask" will be in a new way with our two dimensional lovers meet. Appear together and "ask" and "card Mobile Games heavyweight IP adaptation of the peerless Valkyrie laid the foundation of the two", the most highly popular game player games to join for the cross-border cooperation. A variety of cross-border cooperation reached the strongest Guangyu game masterpiece after heavy screening, heavily built beauty cos. This will also visit the Expo booth, and many who participate in interactive game player, Hao Li sent exquisite. Guangyu game’s official beauty Coser will fully perform "asked" the popularity of the occupation, then please look forward to the official cos group to give a wonderful performance! The official heavily built beauty cos group September 15th, Guangyu game sincerity to join Beijing animation carnival, then its heavyweight product will attend the exhibition, to a close understanding of the game? To the two dimension big coffee face to face? Want to interact with the official goddess? Come to the Beijing Animation Festival, Guangyu game show you around the man show! It is reported that Guangyu game will also be invited to attend this popular mystery guest IDO Expo, with many game player intimate meeting, more revelations also please pay attention to the follow-up report! Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: