Beijing Shen Yaoyi Tibetan painting exhibition will be opened on the original comics dxperience

Beijing Shen Yaoyi original comics of Tibetan painting exhibition will be opened by Chinese Artists Association, Beijing Artists Association, Chinese Arts Publishing House, Beijing Art Academy Co hosted the "artist of the long march in Beijing Tibetan painting Yaoyi Shen" red ribbon "the earth’s original comic Exhibition" will be held on September 2, 2016 at the Beijing Art Museum grand opening. Key projects in this year’s Beijing Art Museum in the Ministry of Culture National Art Museum collection exhibition season ". Beijing Academy of painting as collections of this classic work, on the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army to commemorate the occasion, will re organize, exhibition and publication. From an entirely new angle of view, this paper attempts to explain how an artist, in the face of the epic historical events, has written a brilliant pen in the history of modern art with its unique creative methods. The poster "red ribbon" earth comic book is based on Shen Yaoyi Wei Wei adapted from the novel, creative time after six years, the Red Army reproduced this historical feat. In twenty-five thousand, the Communist Party of China with his footsteps and blood engraved on the planet, like the red ribbon of a dazzlingly beautiful. This is the Chinese people’s epic, but also the world’s epic human. Shen Yaoyi embrace passion for the spirit of the Long March, two March, as the older generation of revolutionaries ideal impressed, moved by their spirit and integrity. The emotional record and description, let this painting great shining glory of human nature, motivation and touched every audience, make them in the aesthetic, the Ideological Lessons and inspiration. Today, in the face of faith and ideals fade, to Shi Jian today, to feel that the ideal of the human being was released after the release of the infinite power, I believe this will be the best commemoration of the long march. Shen Yaoyi "earth red ribbon" 6 years of hard work, 10 years of experience, 30 years of continuous review and found that in 1988, Shen Yaoyi Chinese comic book publisher solicitation, working on the creation of "earth red ribbon"; after 6 years, a full set of 926 pieces of comic creation completed; the same year, to commemorate the 100 anniversary of the birth of Comrade Mao Zedong, "the comic book" red ribbon "the earth’s original exhibition in Chinese Museum; in 2006, when he was director of the academic department of Chinese Art Museum Chen Lvsheng, edited by" painting "comic epic: earth red ribbon" research "a book, deeply and systematically combed the" red ribbon "of the earth’s creation process and art characteristics; 2007, Beijing Academy of painting of the" red ribbon "the earth’s original comic book (including 934 characters), and four, the sketch sketch and creation material; 200 For 9 years, "the Beijing Art Academy of Tibetan fine" earth red ribbon "" in Shanghai Art Museum and Changshu Museum of art; Beijing art academy 2016, accumulated nearly ten years, from the collection of activation point of view, to "red ribbon" earth research and combing, organizing exhibitions and publishing…… From the creation to the publication, to study from the exhibition to the exhibition, Shen Yaoyi and the "earth red ribbon" in nearly 30 years, constantly interpretation and reinterpretation. At the same time, with the deepening of research and analysis, we will be closer to the touch.相关的主题文章: