Beijing urban and rural people’s Congress will vote tomorrow easeljs

Beijing City Township People’s Congress general Beijing unified vote in Washington tomorrow (reporter Zuo Ying) tomorrow is full of urban and Township People’s Congress election polling day, morning reporter learned from the municipal election office was informed that the city’s various constituencies to vote the preparatory work has been fully completed, the relevant provisions of each constituency will strictly enforce the electoral law, to ensure that the majority of voters the full exercise of democratic rights. See in the polling station is located in Haidian District Huayuan Road Street Community B Hospital No. 28, reporter in the morning, a total area of 100 square meters of the polling station is set inside the room, every process and vote all relevant specialized guide logo, tomorrow there will be someone in the logo before on duty. Reporters on the scene, in the polling station, including verification, tickets, tickets, explain, write a secret ballot, at the polls, scrivener have been arranged in order, ready to meet the voters ready. One of the more interesting is the secret ballot, this is a blue screen completely Weidang up space, very private, an area of about two square meters, with comfortable chairs inside, but also to prepare the presbyopic glasses for older voters. "Our secret ballot is a completely closed space, in order to better protect the independence of voters voting without any interference." Relevant person in charge told reporters street, starting tomorrow morning after the vote, voters go to the polls to vote has been set up according to the sequence of processes, have dedicated staff in the office, office for invoice verification certificate and other residents to check for voters, had not registered voters, voter registration office staff can help the board. In addition, the electoral process and the ballot to fill the voters are not clear, you can also find staff in the interpretation of the advisory. Don’t write for some older voters, polls scrivener office staff will be in accordance with the wishes of the electorate for the ballot. 16, 6, polling stations will be open ticket, and invited to the scene of voter supervision. City election office of the relevant person in charge, the city’s 2264 District People’s Congress election districts were identified 6623 official candidates representing 5144 electoral constituencies of Township People’s Congress identified 15142 formal candidates. The polling stations in the city will receive voters to vote tomorrow, the deadline for voting by the election committee to decide the time. J170相关的主题文章: