Beiqi Wei Wang m50f opening sale 6-7 million winsockfix

Beiqi Wei Wang M50F opening sale 6-7 million as BAIC’s first own brand positioning in the high-end A-class MPV market’s flagship model, M50F is highly anticipated Weiwang offline: pooled "high Yan value, high-tech, high performance, high configuration" four high advantage, with strong strength is leading products at the same level; shouldering the strategic mission of Beiqi Wei Wang the brand jumped, the strength of manufacturing industry China steam condensation front, will Lihan China MPV market structure. From now on, Beiqi Wei Wang M50F officially opened the pre-sale mode, the new car will push the displacement of 2 vehicle models, the pre-sale price range of 6-7 million yuan, the authorized dealers began to take over. In order to let users highly anticipated as soon as possible close to experience the new, high Yan Beijing automobile brand strength, feelings and values are, beyond the product configuration technology and quality craftsmanship, since October 22nd, Beiqi Wei Wang opened 100 roadshow activities of fashion and quality of science and technology, as the theme in the country, to create a the unique "mobile 4S shop" to bring within reach of the smooth cool experience for consumers. Start a week, Beiqi Wei Wang roadshow went all into focus, consultants come to the first M50F owners in a continuous line, resulting in Wei wang. As a did not sell the first hot star models, M50F is attracted Weiwang ultra high attention, a way to harvest praise. In the roadshow scene, Wei Wang M50F will always attract a large group of people to stop taking pictures, the color value become fully deserve to play. The stylish atmosphere, dynamic fluid body lines, design of floating roof space, rear styling cornucopia type’s impressive; willow shaped LED headlamp is becoming more punchline. "There are highlights from all angles, refresh my inherent impression of MPV." In the Changchun Railway Station site, a hearing the news of the young consumer. As the saying goes, "experts see road", most MPV buyers have rich experience in the car, pay more attention to the inherent strength of the vehicle. The dynamic combination of mature and rich, well tuned chassis control, luxury car par NVH mute effect, further demonstrate the performance advantages of high-end M50F wang. Among them, M50F Wei Wang idle noise as low as 39 dB, it is more the collar. In addition, it is also equipped with the same level of the most advanced Internet unique intelligent driving system of double – digit LCD screen, 12 inch and 9 inch LCD digital instrument made of TFT suspension liquid crystal display, display and touch effect leading to bring. In the configuration, winwon M50F collocation keyless entry, a key start, headlight delay, daytime running lights, electric sunroof, electric control and seat heating ventilation, suspended in the control of human intelligence science and technology comprehensive screen, digital color instrument combination and parking radar system. The 9 inch LCD color screen suspended, all the car electrical integration module is configured in a perfect interpretation of the "high-end intelligent" style, create a leapfrog luxury and smart experience for the occupants. Chinese MPV market continued unpopular, after the baptism of the market and consumption upgrade to M50F, Wei Wang as the representative of the high-end models will have a brilliant future. It is reported that Wei Wang M50F will be officially listed in November, now accept booking, fans.相关的主题文章: