Benefits Of Video

.puters-and-Technology Blogging first made its debut in the late ’90’s largely due to the introduction of web publishing tools that allowed a person with little to no technical abilities to create a blog. In its infancy, blogs were limited to being only text based allowing bloggers to post content in text format and share it across the Internet with anyone who chose to read it. Today, with advances in web development, video blogging has be.e increasingly popular. Much like its predecessor, video blogging allows for bloggers to share content on a wide range of subjects with viewers all across the globe via the Internet but is done in video format rather than in text format. Setting up a blog site for video blogging works much in the same way as it does for text blogging. The major difference is, instead of posting text based content, bloggers upload a video as content. Video bloggers will produce and record their video content before it is uploaded to their blog site. In more advanced blog sites which are usually made from scratch, video bloggers have the ability to directly stream live video to their blog site. This is a handy tool to have but does not allow users who did not catch the live broadcast the opportunity to view the video blog unless it is recorded, uploaded, and archived for later viewing. There are unique advantages to video blogging as opposed to blogging in text format. With video blogging, viewers can actually see what the video blogger is doing. This makes it an optimal way to post content that is geared towards instruction or demonstration. While watching video content that is giving instruction, viewers have the ability to pause and rewind video which will allow them to easily follow along at their own pace. This is handy with blogs that have themes like hobbies, home repair, auto repair, arts and crafts, and many more that are likely to have a need for instructional based video content. Video blogging can also be useful when exhibiting different items or products. While text bloggers will often post pictures exhibiting different items or products that are pertinent to the theme of their blog, sometimes pictures are not enough. For example, if someone had an art themed blog and was posting content to exhibit their latest art creation, a picture may be sufficient for two-dimensional pieces such as a painting but would be lacking for a three-dimensional art piece such as a sculpture. Using video to exhibit the three-dimensional art piece will give viewers an opportunity to truly appreciate the piece as best as possible without being in front of it. Video blogging is increasingly popular much in the same way that text based blogs have since its inception in the late ’90’s. Video blogging offers unique advantages which bloggers who blog in text-only format cannot take advantage of. It will be interesting to see how video blogging will evolve just as text blogging has done. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: