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Boys please female students watching movies by the Gang: the perpetrators is her boyfriend – Sohu news video screenshot beating students beating students video screenshot police substantiated that three people have been taken to cause criminal coercive measures is to invite the female classmate movie reporter Zhang Fei correspondent Yan Zheng billion in the past few days, a shocking video spread in WeChat, micro-blog: video shooting looks like a wasteland, wearing a red and black sports jacket, white shoes, hair is pretty long, looked very fashionable boy kneeling motionless in the mud. After a few seconds, a very thin body, white dress, black rimmed glasses boy walked forward, suddenly stretched out his left hand grabbed the boy’s hair was kneeling down, right hand slap him continuously, while fans seem to the side of his mouth also recited, start heavy people can not bear to look into. Fan end face, white boy was flying at the heart of a boy and then put on the median, the boy kneeling down, with the boy’s face on foot severelybanged. The white boy on the edge around the other two boys, three men took turns to kneeling boy beaten, ruthless kick attack, parts are concentrated in the head with the lower body, repeatedly hit the key body. And the whole process, kneeling boy has been without a fight. According to the network, this video is happening in Chunan, and the video of a few boys, all of them are not yet adult middle school students. Yesterday, Chunan County Public Security Bureau confirmed that there is indeed the matter. It happened at 3 p.m. in February 12th this year. According to police reports, several boys in the video was a classmate, the boy kneeling Yemou 17 years old this year, has been in high school; the white boy led assault Yemou Jiangmou 16 years old, junior middle school students; the other two boys participated in the beating Yemou were 16 years old, 17 years old, is a good friend of the river. In fact, there are fifth boys, that is, the video photographer Wang Mou, is also a friend jiang. Jiang confessed that he was feeling out of control on a such a heavy hand, simply because Yemou "ill intentioned" tried to steal his girlfriend. "According to Jiang Mou, his girlfriend is Yu, and they are classmates, too. A few days before the boy was hit more than a small lobular invited to go to a movie, Jiang heard angry, called a few good friends, the leaves called to a town site no one fen, beat him." Police said, "we also find after the small Yu understand the situation, she said Jiang is indeed her boyfriend."……" The police found that the injured boy left ear damaged seriously, the specific injury identification results have not yet come out. At present, the police in Chunan have taken criminal coercive measures to three people, such as Jiang, who are 16 years of age, and the case is still under investigation.

男生请女同学看电影被群殴:施暴者是女方男友-搜狐新闻 殴打同学视频截图 殴打同学视频截图   警方证实确有其事 已有三人被采取刑事强制措施   起因是邀请女同学看电影   记者 郑亿 通讯员 章飞燕   这几天,一则触目惊心的视频在微信、微博里流传开来:视频拍摄地看起来像是一处荒地,一个穿着红黑色运动外套、白球鞋,头发留得蛮长,看着相当时尚的男孩,跪在泥地里一动不动。   几秒钟后,一个身形很瘦、白衣服、黑框眼镜男孩走上前,突然伸出左手狠狠揪住跪地男孩的头发,右手连续扇他耳光,一边扇一边嘴里似乎还念念有词,下手之重让人不忍直视。   扇完耳光,白衣男孩又飞起一脚正中跪地男孩的心脏部位,然后把跪地男孩打倒在地,不断用脚狠踹跪地男孩的脸。   白衣男孩边上还围着另两个男孩,三个人轮番对跪地男孩殴打、狠踹,攻击部位全部集中在头部跟下半身,多次命中身体要害。而整个过程,跪地男孩一直没有反抗。   据网传,这段视频发生的地方就在淳安,而且视频里的几个男孩,全部都是还没有成年的中学生。   昨天淳安县公安局证实,确有此事。事情就发生在今年2月12日下午3点。   据民警介绍,视频中的几个男孩都曾是同学,其中跪地男孩叶某今年17岁,已上高中;带头殴打叶某的白衣男孩江某16岁,初中生;另两个参与殴打叶某的男孩分别是16岁、17岁,都是江某的好友。事件中其实还有第五个男孩、也就是视频的拍摄者汪某,同样是江某好友。   江某交代,他之所以情绪失控对叶某下如此重手,完全是因为叶某“居心不良”,企图抢走他的女朋友。   “据江某说,他的女朋友姓余,跟他们也都是同学。被打男孩小叶前几天邀请小余去看了一场电影,江某听说后恼羞成怒,就叫了几个好朋友,把叶叫到汾口镇上一个没人的工地,对他进行殴打。”民警说,“我们事后也找来小余了解了情况,她说江某确实是她男朋友……”   警方了解到,受伤男孩小叶左耳受损严重,具体伤情鉴定结果还没有出来。   目前淳安警方已经对年满16周岁的江某等三人采取了刑事强制措施,案件还在进一步调查中。相关的主题文章: