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Business Our society values monogamy. Although one of the main reasons people get a divorce or break up is infidelity, we still strive for a monogamous relationship. So much so that some of us might even turn a blind eye to their partners indiscretions only to keep the appearance of a successful relationship. Women complain about mens infidelity and inability to remain monogamous for a long time. Men have also had their share of cheating wives or girlfriends. No matter the gender of the cheater, the consequences of infidelity are the same: pain, humiliation and insecurity. So why is it that some people seem to be able to get past all this and stay in a relationship with someone who constantly cheats on them? Can a relationship be good even if your partner still cheats on you? Sure it can, if you want it to. Here are some of the things that motivate people to stay in a relationship with a cheating partner. 1.They might stray, but they always come back home. For some people it is very important to have continuity and security in their life. Strange as it may seem, the fact that a partner still comes back after having an affair, gives the other a sense of security. They feel that they must be important to their cheating partner, if none of the affairs made them leave their relationship for good. 2.Loneliness is worse. Being cheated on is bad, but being alone can be much worse. People are so afraid to be dumped and left alone. This is why someone will accept the infidelity and continue the relationship like nothing ever happened. By giving their partner total freedom, even the permission to cheat, the chances of them ending up on their own become very slim. 3.The good parts outweigh the bad parts. This is actually the main reason people stay in a relationship for a long time, in spite of the occasional turbulences. If your partner cheats on you but still manages to offer you plenty of other things that make you happy, there are chances that the infidelity becomes tolerable and even negligible. Its actually a matter of priorities. So, even if for most people infidelity is a definite deal-breaker, there are still people who can make things work in spite of it. If you find yourself in a similar situation, ask yourself hoe important that relationship is for you, how scared are you of being alone, and what exactly does your partner offer you. You might find that you can still have a good relationship even if your partner still cheats on you. Getting in touch with Ewan Nicholson Want to book a psychic reading? Heres how: Just check out our site – 1.For a psychic reading, this is the free number 0800 058 2295 2.For having a reading over the phone just call: 0906 661 2088 It only costs 1.50 per min but you have to be 18 and have bill payer permission. This number is for UK callers only. 3.Want to ask a question via SMS? Just send the word EWAN by text message, then your question to 87778 (For Uk callers each answer is 1.50) Email us [email protected] Want an email reading? To read some of the testimonials: If you want to find out more about relationships and psychic development check out: About the Author: 相关的主题文章: