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Carina Lau Tony Leung – Maggie Cheung and generous about Beijing, the Yan Carina Lau was asked about the Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung scandal in the program, said his understanding is not a lot, this is a beautiful story, if Tony Leung love Maggie Cheung, she is very happy, and generous praise like Maggie Cheung is an outstanding actress. [Carina Lau] Mina: praise is the true love in life so long, you can fall in love with many people, met a confidante is not strange, rare is really good and can meet together for a lifetime wife. Orangcee: the golden fifty, Liang Liuzhang field, Taiwan on "in the mood for love" fragments, even if he plays, and reentry unforgettable "in the mood for love", still did not forget to look at sitting next to Carina Lau at a glance. He takes care of her thoughts, cares about her feelings, his love for Carina Lau is in this. Shell: Tony Leung is the love of Maggie Cheung, two people are similar, but similar people often cannot be together, are too proud, too; he is accompanied by the love of Carina Lau, is reached in life little love. [] Maggie Cheung pathos regret Dongchuan spicy fish: This is a red rose and white rose classic story, Maggie Cheung is always the beam the spread of white moonlight outside the window. That is just like "in the mood for love" the sad ending: she came, with love and hate, left their marks, listened to his voice, two people finally under the same sky breathe the same air, but it’s just so, this is the largest scale they can close degree the. Hula King: the story is over, among them that the mood is over. You can’t get what you want. Liu Xiaoyuan: all of a sudden feel that Tony Leung may not be the favorite of Carina Lau, but the most suitable may be Carina Lau. Not to say, maybe for him, this is not a choice, there is no need to choose. Comments and a few years ago, Xiao Bian recently re search the three public opinion, "regret" has been poor, and for Tony Leung and Carina Lau, is the unlimited blessings. Have to admit that Carina Lau has been properly due to the stability in the relationship, it is because of this, she can tell the above remarks magnanimously. Yes, Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung in the play is the day and, but he needs a woman like Carina Lau brought him back to the real world. Maybe in this world, we all fall in love with someone who is similar to you, but the last one is the one who can’t help you.相关的主题文章: