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Health Last year as a nation we spent $30 billion on weight loss programs and products. This year 50 million Americans will go on a diet … 95% of those people will fail at keeping the weight off. What other industry could survive, let alone flourish with a failure rate of 95% ? Even more astounding, what industry has repeat business clientele with such a rate of failure. It makes no sense ! If you blame yourself for a product or program not working, then maybe you will go back over and over again. Maybe you will go back when you see all the commercials, adverts and billboards that show all the people it has (supposedly) worked for. Most weight loss programs and products count on you blaming yourself (and not them) when results are not forthcoming or not long lived. This gets me a little ticked off and I know it applies just as much to men as it does for women, but for women every failure erodes their own self perception. Year in and year out their self concept is chipped away at until they feel they have no control whatsoever. They may be treated badly at work or by their family. Aspirations are a thing of their past, they just exist with the cards they have been dealt and fail to dream yet alone realize anything better than that which they have already. It is a hateful scenario and it is a hateful cycle with a ripple effect that just ruins a person’s life. With such a enormous failure rate how is it then that we always seem to think that the blame lies with us ? At one end of the spectrum there are the people that fund the infomercial business. They buy that 5 minute a day exercise machine or that cellulite cream, at 3 in the morning they are punching in their credit card details for that fat zapper or carb blocker. They are looking for minimal effort on their part and in return they want dramatic results. Deep down though, do they really expect those results, I doubt it, I think that they just feel better as in some way they are feeling pro active. Sure you can give away control but you can never give away responsibility. If you think that you will be rewarded just by the purchase decision then you are fooling yourself. The client that tells me that they have worked with several personal trainers and not seen the results they had expected is the client that is putting in sub maximal effort. A trainer can only be responsible for your behavior one hour at a time and even then they cannot do the work for you. The body is wiser than our conscious mind. Treat it badly and it will find ways to counter act your poor choices. I used to compete and that backlash was one of the main reasons that I left the sport of bodybuilding. I would spend months dieting my weight down to the single digit body fat percentages demanded by the sport but right after show time I would start regaining those pounds at an alarming speed. When I first started competing it did not phase me as I was certainly rewarding myself in the ‘off season’ with foods that I knew would pack on some pounds. I knew I would be dieting soon enough for the next show so a little indulgence in the interim seemed just fine by me. Then as I competed year in year out that cycle became really old, the joke about having two closets, one for pre contest clothes and one for off season clothes was wearing a little thin. The weight fluctuations bothered me and so I changed things around. I dieted for my shows with my usual discipline (nothing like having to wear a bikini in front of a room full of people to keep you on track) but afterwards I kept my diet super strict but not quite so calorie restrictive. The result, I still ended up heavier, I might just as well have enjoyed the gain as I ended up in the same place anyway. "for every action there is an opposite reaction of equal force" Our bodies like ‘homeostasis.’ Our bodies prefer to keep and even keel and seek to maintain that steady state. When we go too far off track our bodies control center has the ability to adjust and adapt despite the external influences we are imposing. One of the ways our bodies can counter act our own behavior is to increase or decrease our metabolic rate. We know we have genetic metabolic factors, we also know we can enhance our metabolism by eating the right foods and by being physically active. However sometimes with good intentions we push too hard and it is then that our body has the ability to shove right back by slowing our metabolic rate to preserve the very energy we are trying to burn. Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCD) are a major culprit. A study published in ‘Medicine & Science in Exercise & Sport’ monitored a number of female gymnasts and runners. The athletes who ate the fewest calories per day had the highest body fat percentages. Due to low calories the body had the ability to slow down its own metabolic rate to conserve energy. We have known for decades about this "Starvation Mode" but it doesn’t seem to stop people from cutting calories to ‘starvation’ levels. As a species mankind needs to be able to do this. Food supplies were not always constant. Certain foods were only available certain times of the year and other foods were only available when the opportunity arose (hunting). Our bodies have always known to adapt when food supplies were low and we are not a million years away from the times when this was a good thing. The leading cause of death until the 20th Century was starvation. Mankind has been on this planet for about 5 million years, so the concept of dieting to look better is a pretty recent thing. It was about 3.2 million years ago that we eventually got ourselves upright. ‘Lucy’ was found in Ethiopa back in 1974. If it took almost 2 million years to get off all fours then it could easily take just as long for us to feel comfortable existing with minimal body fat and eating foods that are not born of the land. Evolution or no evolution we must accept that our bodies are smarter and less superficial than us. With VLCD our metabolism is able to slow down to conserve energy. At first these diets do indeed work and we will see our weight reduce. What we do is a mere inconvenience, we might deem our VLCD as something almost admirable, something that takes huge self discipline, but in the great scheme of things our inner working can correct our misbehaving and give us a slap on the wrist as a reminder. We reduce our calories and often the calories we do eat come from poor sources. We lose weight for a while and then our metabolism slows down and we ‘plateau.’ We may cut our calories even farther to try to lose the weight but this just digs us even deeper into the whole. If the number on the scale is now moving downwards it is now because you are losing muscle. Fat is more energy dense (9 calories a gram) and so if your body feels like it is starving it is unlikely to give up its densest energy source. It is more likely to give up the tissue that is using up energy. Muscle is metabolically active, it needs energy just to exist. If you get rid of some of the muscle then your body can conserve even more energy on the limited number of calories you are giving it. If you choose to eat too few calories you will lose weight (note I say ‘weight’ not ‘fat’) eventually you will suffer from a depressed metabolism and the weight loss will halt. Your body will seek to hold onto its stash of energy and rid itself of the muscle tissue that has its own energy requirement. At some point the dieter either reaches their desired weight or they have become very disheartened (and just plain hungry), they may relax their calorie restriction a little or they may quit altogether. At this point they have a slower metabolism than before the onset of the diet and they have less muscle. Before they started reducing their calories they may have had a basal metabolic rate of 1800 calories a day, since then they have lost muscle and now their BMR might only be 1500. By simply returning to their normal way of eating they are going to gain weight just because their daily energy requirement has been reduced. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Web-Design All organizations with websites know a thing or two about bespoke web design and development services. One reckons that the bespoke trend has indeed be.e that famous which makes organizations hire them all the time and benefit from the advantages they offer. The bespoke trend offers plenty of advantages. The best one is the kind of features the process facilitates which helps in surging ahead in the search engine rankings. Organizations have gauged the benefits, used them to their advantage and continue to manipulate the designs to their benefit through some highly creative and innovative solutions. Bespoke web designers have prophesized some wonderful advantages that .e through bespoke web development services and bespoke web design services. Some of them have been listed below well. Organic Entities: Bespoke websites are purely organic entities. No two sites can be identical which brings one to the conclusion that that the site, right from its initial stage of conceptualization and development, is all set to hit the right note and take the business places. There are plenty of alterations and changes done to the site which make it more distinct. Bespoke website designers know this, and make the same evident through their bespoke web design services. Appealing Presentation: The bespoke web design gives the end user a lot of space and scope to make effective presentations. In case the website happens to promote a lot of products, services and ideas, this medium is the most ideal one to present things in a very appealing and intriguing manner. Bespoke web development lays a lot of focus on the visual factor. Dexterity Unparalleled: Bespoke web designers get to include some of the most promising features within their designs. Depending on the business, the designs can be created and incorporated with all enterprising and value added features. Bespoke web design is highly .patible and can have any possible feature in it. Thorough Focus on Client Satisfaction: The designs are well suited to fulfill the expectations of the client within a limited budget. The designs give the vendor all he needs to strike a chord with the client. The expectations of the client from the designs are upheld in the highest of regards and met through some exceptionally customer service. Brand Solidifying: Bespoke web designers know how to solidify ones brand through these services. The brand can be strengthened and made robust through these designs for the user starts perceiving the product from a very consumer centric manner and is able to identify all the pros within. These are some of the many features that can be found, seen and sensed in the services provided by a bespoke web design and development .pany. They are good, creative and robust and add a world of difference to the overall scheme of things. They change the outlook of the website and make it a visual mag.. Viewers struggle to take their eyes off the designs and have them dug onto them all the time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Inter.-Marketing Free classified sites are the most affordable and easy way to advertise your business free on the inter.. This is the best way to promote or populate your business locally. When someone looks for local business or services they find your listing on local free classified site. Anyone can post free classified ad having some knowledge in inter. surfing. Even a home user can also use it very frequently as per his requirements. If you have a business and selling products then these websites are the best sources to show your product in front of more eyeballs. Different categories can also be targeted that are relevant to your business. If you offer a service then these sites are the great place to get exposure. By listing on these sites you can target certain areas so that people can reach to you from your area easily. Some free classified sites like Love Your Mouse are very popular and successfully taken place of newspaper and online ads. Only condition with free ad listing is that you should keep posting your ad to stay on top. You need to just follow these simple steps when you post your ads on any free classified website. Search free classifieds websites: Suppose you have to post ad in UK. When you type free classified sites uk or free classified listing sites uk then you will find search result on the first page. Click on one of them. Login : Most of website doesnt allow you to post classified ad without login. Sites want you to register on their database for a permanent relating with the site. They have your details and sent you the related updates on your mail id. Post A Free Ad: A button or highlighted text on top of the website is shown as above click on it. Just click on that and put a suitable ad title. Suppose you are a carpenter and providing services in your area then you need to put title like expert carpenter in your area. Choose a Category: Choose the relevant category of you posting if you want the accurate results display when someone search regarding your post. Description: Fill out the form about the details of your post, like title, description, price, model, email, contact details, etc. Upload Images: in this section you can post the images about your products or services. If you want that more clicks on your post then you must be upload your pictures. Because "seeing is believing. Final Review: After fill out all information you can see an preview of your post, Here you can edit your changes once again before published your ad. E-mail Authentication: A mail has been sent to you for confirmation that the email you have entered is correct or not. a confirmation link of the post is embedded in the mail. When you click on the link your posting process has been finished. And your post is alive now. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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The Secrets To Successful Forex Trading Posted By: nehasharma Forex is one way to invest your funds to get good returns. No doubt, there are plenty of risks involved when it comes to investing in this area of finance. But along with high risks, there is possibility of high returns. Here are a few secrets that you can use to avoid any loss while maximizing your potential of good returns. Know and understand yourself: To profit in this area of investment, you must first understand the market. You must recognize the trends of the market. However, even before you take this step, you must first know and recognize yourself. As a part of this process, you will need to understand your risk tolerance and set your capital allocation for forex trading. You must also carefully study and analyse your own financial goals when engaging in any financial trading. Plan your goals and aim to stick to it: Once you understand your requirements and what your need from the trading, you must then systematically define on a timeframe and working plan for a trading prospective. You will need to define what you constitute as failure or success.
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carolina eye center Taxi Reading Service And Its Features Posted By: Boothlillian Taxi reading company is a well known licensed firm for taxi airport transfers and private hire. Their goal is to offer a safer journey with a comfortable and quality taxi service for an affordable rate. They are dedicated to their vision to be a country class company for transport and to drive the passengers safely and comfortably. Their services are included with tours and hotel transfers, wedding car hire, special events booking and school runs about seven seater cars, wheelchair accessible cabs, airport transfers, child seats will be available if you request them. Taxi reading offers twenty four hours service. Fast and reliable service: Your reliable and local taxi reading company is found for all journeys to all places around and out of city. They are simply a call away or just avail the booking facility online which is user friendly and simple. You can be able to get reliable and fast taxis airport transfer services to airports. They offer cheap cost, reliable, door to door airport transfers. For picking up you for airport transfer, you will be met at the air terminal by tax reading company professional drivers.
Taxi Reading Mahindra Lifespaces Vivante : Enjoy Healthy Living Posted By: Aditya Kumar Mahindra Lifespaces Vivante is a project located in Andheri East, Mumbai. The project sprawls over an area of 3 acres. The total number of apartments launched is 104 ranging from 732 sq ft to 2,041 sq ft of super built-up area. Mahindra Lifespaces Vivante would be ready for possession by June 2019 and can be purchased only from the developer. The apartments are offered in various configurations such as 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK. Mahindra Lifespaces Vivante offers apartments within the price range of Rs1.17 crore to Rs3.27 crore. The flooring which will be used in balcony is anti-skid tiles and vitrified tiles will be used in kitchen and bedroom. The master bedroom is furnished with laminated wooden flooring. The inner doors are made of Sal wood frame whereas the main doors are built on teak wood. The interior of the apartments will be painted with acrylic emulsion paint giving it a great look. Mahindra Lifespaces Vivante has all the necessary amenities such as a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a children’s play area, a club house, 24×7 security, landscaped gardens, 24×7 power backup, a multipurpose room and many more.
Mahindra Lifespaces Vivante Why Your Business Needs A Web Video! Posted By: Sarah The use of web videos is on the rise and quickly becoming the method of choice for businesses to reach interested potential customers . By 2017 web videos will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic according to Cisco, American multinational technology company. Small businesses will have to move with the times to avoid being overlooked as we move into this new phase of online marketing. Building video advertising into their marketing budget now could be a great way for a small business to get ahead of the game. Web videos offer the customer a deeper interaction with the site and it is an easy way to communicate your sites chosen message in a faster and more effective way. Written content will not be replaced by video adverts but to maximise a website/products potential a blend of the two will be required. The benefit of web video adverts can be briefly summed up in 5 points; 1) Quick Delivery And Easy Engagement. Web videos allow you to put a lot of information into a very easily understood format and establish a quick rapport with the viewer.

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Adecco Posted By: akansha tyagi Prestige Construction is just busy into valuable Bangalore city property market / offering chances for challengers. Until now / Prestige construction has drawn over 163 ventures straddling to a point over 47 million square feet of region. They have emerged as single in the midst of the highly trusted developers by purchaser AND land owners. The existing investor look as of Prestige construction clarifies that they have designed to launch 18 ventures in excess of 27 million square feet region. Wittily / 14 of these ventures are in Bangalore city Prestige Park Square in excess of 25 million square feet developable region. At prestige jade pavilion Marathalli you AND your folks members will sense living a regal verve AND will be pleasured with primary beams of sun to your bedroom windows at once before starting your day to perform all the closeness of nature to your verve / The stunning sunsets among good-looking dream of interesting water bodies behind a long wearing day at you office. The Prestige developer proposes a whole example of high-class level of comfort for which is subjects most. This is a new coming venture that completes all your wishes in verve at your vision land.

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Rear view camera Alluring Residential 2 Bed & 3 Bed Apts. Units Posted By: akansha tyagi Prestige Sunrise Park has seen a lot of wonderful trends from history quarter a small number of years as per property industry situation. This housing venture has been set as an outstanding real-estate portfolio for savings point of vision from the investors Prestige jade pavilion the globe. At present Bangalore city proffers a good gesture of economy flow in Bangalore city commercial and housing real estate market, both from the household and international investors. One of the best ever growing property developers Prestige Group has commenced its finest real-estate creativity in the form of housing flats which is well-known for its modern work art in property region. By presenting drastic enlargement and growth in Indian property segment this impressive builders gifts you fashionably crafted abodes in the form of 1 Bedroom/ 2 Bedroom, 2.5 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom luxury flats casing tentative floor region of 631 square feet to 1674 Square feet enclosed by a breezy and serene surroundings of electronic city Bangalore city . Presenting lacuna of modern day verve Prestige Sunrise Park Bangalore city is capable to provide you comfortable and airy way of nestling.

Prestige jade pavilion Learn How To Buy Stanford Shirts For Women And Stanford University T Shirt Posted By: richie_harrison There is a vast majority of the women studying in universities. Some women have to choose to be casual and ordinary in their dressing, but some are very modern and up to date about latest trends in the fashion. Wearing shirts of different styles has been a common trend among the university women. The Stanford shirts for women are available at Stanford student store. Different types of Stanford university t shirts are also available. Stanford University is one of the renowned universities of the world. The students from different regions of the world come to study here. The students have bright dreams and hard working spirits in mind at the time of admission in such sort of institutes. However the students of all the universities share some common characteristics. Some of them are specially related to university women. The university students are usually very mature and have a vast scenario of vision. They see the things in a broader perspective and have the curiosity to find the rightness. They also have the courage to deny the old and worn out ideas about life.

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latest fashion trends for women Posted By: akansha tyagi Prestige Sunrise Park Construction presents another marvel of housing project in Bangalore by the name of SUNRISE PARK, as the venture is the epitome of peaceful ambience, ease and lavish where world class living spaces with all contemporary architecture AND lush offered. As the venture is announced to be well settled at the heart Electronic City, Bangalore excellently Shriram Chirping Woods across 25 acres of lush green environ more than just a home. As the Sunrise Park is the place where one can celebrate your life with your beloved once family members AND the friends. At Prestige Sunrise one can discover the enchantment of living in a heavenly residence which you can call your wonderful home. As the project offers you elite homes with comfortable and lavish amenities that ensure to keep you and your beloved once family fascinated all the time. Prestige Sunrise Park gives you the magical panoramic view from your apartment of Bangalore, while living midst of classy specifications and interiors you can wake up with the blazing morning and fresh breeze along with the extraordinary sunrise view at horizon brings latest happiness everyday and makes your day amazing and special.

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Orchid Woods Go For Paramount Of Grade Prices Posted By: akansha tyagi Prestige Sunrise Park has seen a lot of wonderful trends from history quarter a small number of years as per property industry situation. This housing venture has been set as an outstanding real-estate portfolio for savings point of vision from the investors crosswiseReady to move in flats in Bangalore globe. At present Bangalore city proffers a good gesture of economy flow in Bangalore city commercial and housing real estate market, both from the household and international investors. One of the best ever growing property developers Prestige Group has commenced its finest real-estate creativity in the form of housing flats which is well-known for its modern work art in property region. By presenting drastic enlargement and growth in Indian property segment this impressive builders gifts you fashionably crafted abodes in the form of 1 Bedroom/ 2 Bedroom, 2.5 Bedroom and 3 Bedroom luxury flats casing tentative floor region of 631 square feet to 1674 Square feet enclosed by a breezy and serene surroundings of electronic city Bangalore city . Presenting lacuna of modern day verve Prestige Sunrise Park Bangalore city is capable to provide you comfortable and airy way of nestling.

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Have A Memorable Wedding With A Quality Wedding Planner In Lake .o By: Nixon Sir | Jul 21st 2015 – Lake .o is one of the most desirable wedding locations not only in Italy, but the world as well. Tags: Fulfill Your Dreams With A Destination Wedding In Italy By: Nixon Sir | May 12th 2014 – The trend among couples for destination weddings is getting hotter. The chief attraction for them is to be.e husband and wife in a vacation like setting at an exotic location. Tags: A Venice Wedding: As Pretty As A Dream By: White Emotion | Feb 16th 2014 – What do you do if you want to avoid the lackluster traditional wedding? Tags: Privacy Policy Copyright 2005-2015 ArticleSnatch.. – All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy | 相关的主题文章: