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Only 9 months old children will encounter such a misfortune! Sohu –

Only 9 months old children will encounter such a misfortune! – Sohu mother and child only 9 months old children will encounter such a bad luck! The 20 day, the child bed to take a nap, then I heard the child crying in the room, a look into the room, the child actually fell to the ground. At that time, a simple examination of the parents, found the baby in addition to the right side of the forehead from a packet, no other body trauma, so it is not the same thing. But every day, children began vomiting, coughing up blood and even coffee. The couple took the children to a local hospital for treatment, but can not find out the cause. Early in the morning, the family took their children to Hangzhou for treatment. On the way, the child also had parents to a bottle of milk, but in the morning 8 points for a long time, the mother lying in the arms of children has gradually lost consciousness, and become cold. "The couple are young and lack the knowledge and experience of first aid. Along the way, they found that the child is not strong, did not take any emergency measures, only to urge the driver to drive faster." The doctor said, if the parents can give children do CPR cycles, perhaps there is a slim chance of survival. Early judgment baby fall injury, how should the mother in the first time to make a correct judgment? First in terms of science knowledge. The general trauma was divided into two types: open trauma and closed injury. Open wound refers to the wound is open, the skin surface is split, often bleeding. Closed injuries include the head, neck, chest and abdomen. The proportion of the baby’s head to a larger body, self protection awareness is poor, the head fell to the head, so the most likely to cause the head closed injury. Fall behind, part of the baby will not have any symptoms; part of the baby will be head of mass, and suddenly increased; and some of the baby immediately after injury or delayed appearance of vomiting, convulsions, and even unresponsive, indifferent expression. After the baby fell, the mother’s observation points: 1, whether the baby had a coma, even if it is a transient coma. 2, whether or not crying. 3, whether depressed or irritable. 4, whether vomiting, lethargy. If there is such a baby, it is best to go to the hospital to check, because some of the baby in the fall after injury, the immediate response is not large, but it may be a few days after symptoms. 1, the classification process with head, don’t cry baby, must be sent to the hospital to check, but also pay attention to on the way in the hospital do not shake the baby’s head to try to moderate the fixation of the baby’s head, such as sandbags on both sides of the head or on the bag and put the towel roll on both sides of the neck. 2, for the spirit of normal, no gastrointestinal symptoms, scalp hematoma in children, can be sustained clinical observation, found the abnormal situation of sending medicine. 3, the wound is large, more bleeding, do not recommend the powder directly sprinkled on the wound, but local hemostasis, and promptly sent to hospital for debridement, and injection of tetanus vaccine. Because the surface of the wound and powder, will clean up the wound and the wound for doctors to determine lead)相关的主题文章:

The horse won the FA Cup ceremony r MVP he was elected the best coach-e3300

The FA Cup awards: R Ma won the MVP he was elected the best coach Zheng Zhi trophy with sina sports half-time whistle sounded, the 2016 FA Cup final to win China Evergrande ended. This year’s FA Cup awards ceremony was held after the game. After the ceremony officially began, the football association officials in turn debut, the first prize will be awarded. A grey-haired man came on the podium, he is the former Chinese Football Association vice president Wang Junsheng, he won the Football Association issued special commemorative award. Subsequently, the final referee team won a medal to thank them for the game’s enforcement efforts. Jiangsu Suning team’s fans seem to have home court referee group for this match is not satisfied, the scene sounded a loud boos, fans and even shouted whistle. The referee panel under enormous pressure to go under the podium, it is worth mentioning that the guests for their awards is a former world football miss sun. The next issue is the fair competition award, Guangzhou R & F team won the award. The tournament Dark Horse Prize was just promoted to the Tianjin super team the right to health in the bag, their 2016 season as a team into the FA Cup 8 is the dark horse deserved award. The best coach award is awarded to the champion coach Scolari, he led Hengda this season after a lapse of 3 years to regain the league and FA Cup champion, achieved six straight no suspense, Guangzhou Hengda contract with him is the best reward. Roger Martinez became the best player of the tournament is the mid season Suning fully deserve, the introduction of the Columbia international team in the FA Cup Cuichengbazhai, made the final distinctions won in battle, and almost single handedly help Suning won the championship will impact his powerful and accurate shooting the most incisive operation. Believe that Suning next season will be more sharp in front of him and under the leadership of Teixeira, to threaten the dominance of hengda. The end of the first several awards after the tournament runner up Jiangsu Suning team on the podium, Suning players face filled with regret and unwilling, but the audience fans still treat them with the most enthusiastic applause and cheers. The season before the season Suning large investments, in the season to harvest and now A new force suddenly rises. FA Cup runner up, there is such a passionate fans, we believe that they will be in the next few years step by step to establish their own dynasty. In the end, the FA Cup winner, Guangzhou Evergrande, wore his gold suit and captain Zheng Zhi took the trophy. This season for them, although some regret AFC Champions League stop group phase, but then won the double proof of this branch or constant brigade has strong dominance in the China, hope that their next season in the Asian arena can further bring fans more surprises. 2016 FA Cup Award: MVP: Roger – Martinez Best Coach: Guangzhou fair play Award: Guangzhou R & F team dark horse award: Tianjin rights team runner up: Jiangsu Suning team champion: Heng Brigade相关的主题文章:

2 – 12 years old children must read books recommended – maternal

2 – 12 years old children must read books recommended – Sohu maternal excellent picture book, is like a bright pearl, and a spiritual world of children. The fresh and interesting pictures and vivid language, a touching story, showing the passions, the truth for the baby love, joy and fun annoyed all the world, to cultivate children’s interest in reading, to improve the expression ability and the ability to understand and promote the development of children’s emotional intelligence and social skills and imagination. Kai TERT according to his many years of reading experience, carefully selected children’s books, DEDECATES recommended for children aged 2-12 reading list, from the parent-child relationship, love and grow to poetry and creative everything. The 12 year old "dinosaur poop recommended Bibliography Series suite" (3 volumes) "magic brush paint box" "big monster party" baby "visual found picture" (15 volumes) "picture book" Miffy series "0-4 years old children’s cognitive encyclopedia" (3 volumes) "Du Laibai book" (suit, creative toys 5) 2 years old baby reading, focus on training children hand eye coordination, observe the cognitive ability, the imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style. "Baby" picture book covers all aspects of children’s life, eating, sleeping, bathing and brushing clothes…… There is a love story and cognitive skills of the perfect integration, the growth of knowledge while developing the child’s intellectual potential. "Du Lai amazing creative toy book" is to read the toy, can play the game through the book, reading interest cultivate children’s creative ability, learning ability, development ability of intimacy. "Dinosaur" is the poo series set a model for the cultivation of imagination, gifts from Santa, a voracious dinosaurs, ate the Christmas tree, fairy lights, Santa Claus and wayfinding, master Danny so sad, greedy heart feel good inside the dinosaur poop poop by remorse, so, again pull back to christmas! Seven sets of picture books are brilliant, through a simple juvenile different interesting and colorful lovely world, stimulate their potential. 23 – 6 years old is not the same as the recommended bibliography "Carmela" (12 volumes) "for children’s poetry" "Madelyn series" (6 volumes) "Wukong,! "The moon", "how are you" dear little fish "" Princess "Mao Cha" digging booger pill "" little brother "to the" world’s largest "cake" for Dad "ice cream" 3 "moon boat to 6 year old picture book reading, starting from the child’s curiosity, especially on the cultivation of perception, cognition, children and creativity from the understanding of their own, to understand their relationship with life and environment, a correct understanding of their relationship with the world, is an important foundation for the development of Eq. "Not the same" tells the story of Carmela Carmela and the children of the hen adventure stories, each of them are so out of the ordinary, full of imagination, their daring, dare to try others dare not think things through a fun adventure!相关的主题文章:

Beijing Zhang High-speed Rail built the Great Wall will be built under the world’s deep high speed r-freelander2

Beijing Zhang High-speed Rail built the Great Wall will be built under the "world’s deep" high speed rail station Beijing Zhangjiakou High-speed Rail built the Great Wall will be built under the "world’s deep" high speed rail station

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Jing Zhang railway is the first railway designed and built by the Chinese people, the famous Zhan Tianyou "man" is a section of railway. Now, another independent design of the Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway – Beijing Zhang Gaotie will start building a comprehensive. Let the workers "pressure" is the old Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway after 100 years in operation, is really a hundred years of engineering; now technology updates for several generations, a spade a spade all right predecessors.

according to the plan, by the end of 2019, the Beijing Zhangjiakou High-speed Rail opened, will fully replace the old Jing Zhang, Beijing to Zhangjiakou travel time from the current three or four hours to 1 hours.

Jing Zhang Badaling tunnel has opened more than 170 meters.

away from the Badaling Great Wall recently but 100 meters

pass Guanshan workers have forward, through more than 170 meters, the new Badaling tunnel into the mountains, extending 12.01 km.

just above the winding the Badaling Great Wall, the tunnel needs to wear two times the Great Wall, the Great Wall and the minimum distance of only 92 meters. In general, the railway tunnel is too hard to meet the mountain, can only rely on blasting, but this kind of blasting may cause damage to the the Great Wall. So, in the Badaling tunnel in crossing the Great Wall this, will be devoted to the use of electronic detonator blasting shock, let vibration speed from 5 cm / sec to 0.2 cm / sec, to meet the requirements of the security department.

Qinglong Bridge station opposite the the Great Wall (Figure)

responsible for the construction of the five Bureau of China Railway Project Director Luo Douhao told reporters describe, shaking like ordinary blasting is home windows shaking, and this micro blasting control more precisely, construction is like car passing by, "under the blasting, standing on the mountain people hardly feel what."

station built in the hundred meters deep, can also reduce the high iron after impact; underground rail than ordinary high-speed rail high 20 cm, but also to reduce the vibration effect of the buffer; in addition, in order to reduce the impact on Badaling scenic maximum ground export buildings to strictly control the scale of construction.

"the deepest station" will use the domestic highest escalator

12 km long Badaling tunnel, 102 meters underground, will be built in Beijing Zhang High-speed Rail across the board 10 station only an underground station — the Badaling Great Wall station. Underground construction area of 36 thousand square meters, the maximum depth of 102 meters, the the Badaling Great Wall station has become the world’s largest and deepest buried


The European Central Bank to provide 45 billion 300 million euros of funds zero interest

The ECB zero interest rate to provide 45 billion 300 million euros capital U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks news Beijing time on the evening of 22 Bloomberg said, in the second round of the European Central Bank to promote the supply of credit to the real economy plan, zero interest rates to the euro area the bank provides 45 billion 300 million euros ($50 billion 900 million) of funds. In the last June directional long-term refinancing operations (TLTRO-II) operation, the European Central Bank to the net release of 31 billion euros of loans to the banking sector. If the banking sector expands the supply of credit, the four year loan interest rate can be reduced to a minimum deposit rate of minus 0.4%, which means that the European Central Bank will pay financial institutions to encourage them to accept these funds. The plan would allow banks to borrow from the European Central Bank, based on the amount of loans it would give to companies and households, as part of a move by the ECB to boost lending in the euro area, as well as to stimulate economic growth and inflation. With the ECB’s asset purchase plan approaching deadline March 2017, and the decision to consider how to deal with the risk of bond scarcity, the importance of the program or increase. Strategists at the Bank of France, Paris, estimate that the latest round of TLTRO-II may be about 20 billion to 30 billion euros, pointing out that the banking sector has made use of the first round of restructuring. Editor: handsome can Cong相关的主题文章: