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Celestica: intelligent investment market China more power than the United States stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, warrants real-time market information management industry try to use new technology to provide customers with integrated services like account management, meet the real needs of customers more in line with the direction of development of the industry. The author of this paper for the day Philip fund products Li Jun general manager at the beginning of 2016, after the China stock market experienced a continuous fuse sustained callback, blow the rights and interests of investors to participate in the enthusiasm of the market, the traditional fixed income financial products by credit risk shocks, rigid payment is expected to loose, all kinds of financial products yields continued downward. And "smart investment" is rapidly becoming the financial market on a high degree of attention to vocabulary, all kinds of financial platform have launched a variety of smart investment products. Like many investment products, smart investment (Robot advisor) concept is first appeared in the United states. Although the 2009 Personal Capital began to try to use the online automatic service means to provide investors with investment advice in the class configuration, intelligent investment industry growth in 2014. The background of the development of intelligent investment two. A passive investment is popular, ETF proportion of mutual funds increased significantly, the exchange market trading volume accounted for 30%, in such a market background, became popular with ETF to build customized portfolio of customers using online mode and information technology. Another background is 2008 financial crisis, a large number of customers by the larger pension accounts after the loss, the company embarked on standardization of artificial intelligent investment investment consulting services, high degree of standardization, arbitrary small, it is because of possible configuration logic combing more standard and procedure to provide self-service intelligent investment. With the intelligent investment China just unfolding is different, the development of intelligent industry investment in 2016 the United States encountered a bottleneck. Although after two years of rapid development, but also a pioneer, Charles such industry giants to join them, but the North American intelligence investment consulting services total asset management scale is only a person’s overall customer asset management scale of 2%, and after April 2016 this proportion did not further enhance. According to the online survey of individual investors in 54% in the North American love manual service, 46% love science and technology services, the two are well matched. The United States several intelligent investment company the barrier is not high, a relatively simple model, it is easy to imitate. In 2015 the traditional asset management industry pioneer, Charles giant to enter the market, in 2016 two companies in the smart market investment management reached $31 billion and $10 billion to become the market share of the top two, while Betterment and Wealthfront only $4 billion and $3 billion 100 million. Compared with the U.S. intelligence investment market development and China intelligent investment market development, has the same place is very different. The same thing is that America is the mainstream investment consulting and intelligent dealer services with Yuzong 3相关的主题文章: