Chinese version of CDs has a high demand for financial legal system mcncc

Chinese version of the CDS on the financial legal system has a very high demand for the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Bond market to break the rigid payment, the risk is very necessary tools. After the introduction of CDS, the valuation of credit debt will reflect more of its risk level. CDS really fall, need more perfect financial supervision and information disclosure system, transaction settlement, risk management of non-performing Asset Management Co to explore the introduction of professional service providers, especially the need to improve the market risk index, establish the risk prediction model. Because CDS can also be used for arbitrage and speculation, if the lack of a sound financial regulatory system, will increase the risk of exposure. Only the improvement of relevant systems and mechanisms, asset securitization, CDS and other financial market innovation can be steadily. China NAFMII (NAFMII) officially released the "interbank market pilot credit risk mitigation business rules" ("business rules") and the relevant supporting documents, China version of the credit default swap (CDS) officially landed. Some experts expect the asset securitization market in the future is expected to become the stock market, bond market after the third major domestic financial markets, and significantly change the distribution of financial assets in institutions, change the investor structure and market transactions, and then change the financial structure of the Chinese. Asset securitization is a group or illiquid but is expected to generate stable cash flows of assets through a series of structure arrangement and combination of segmentation and reorganization of its risks and benefits, which will process the expected cash flow of assets into liquidity and higher credit rating of financial products. Asset securitization mainly includes the following categories: physical asset securitization, cash asset securitization, credit asset securitization and securities asset securitization. Since 1970 the United States Government National Mortgage Association first issued by mortgage based assets portfolio of mortgage-backed securities and MBS, since the completion of the first transaction of asset securitization, asset securitization has become a widely used tool of financial innovation and the rapid development of financial innovation is one of the most profound. A century of influence. Today, the scale of China’s financial assets has reached more than one million, and is now in full swing to promote the securitization of the start-up period. According to information, in the first half of this year, China’s asset securitization market continues to grow rapidly. The country issued a total of 289 billion 227 million asset securitization products, an increase of 71%, the stock market was $878 billion 483 million, an increase of 88%. Among them, the company issued 151 billion 275 million ABS, an increase of 196%, accounting for the total number of shares issued by the stock of 343 billion 104 million, an increase of 274%, accounting for the total market value of 39%. Credit ABS issued 134 billion 584 million, an increase of 17%, accounting for the total number of shares issued by the stock of $517 billion 721 million, an increase of 45%, accounting for the total market value of 59%. In the first half of the market situation shows that China’s asset securitization market continues to grow rapidly, the size of the issue of special enterprise ABS 20相关的主题文章: